People like my introduction of Red Pill Black aka Candace Owens.  I follow a lot of these different voices, but I realized that perhaps others do not know about these young and diverse conservative voices.  The freaks on our side (right) love to talk about identity, bio-politics or identitarian movement (aka alt-right) which are just other words for White Nationalism and / or White Separatism and my favorite “cuckservative” aka Race Traitor. And of course, the freaks on their side (all progressives) and their words for the “irrational fear” of gays (when you simply do not like homosexuals) irrational fear of transgender people (when you simply do not like homosexuals), the irrational fear of Islam (when you simply question if a violent radical political – religious system can exist in a liberal democracy) and my favorite term from the left is “racists” if you believe that Western civilization is superior. These progressives have mastered identity politics.  White Nationalist (alt-right) say only whites can contribute to western civilization, and liberal race hustlers say “real” blacks can’t be conservatives.

To challenge both sides I think I will start a new segment on this blog, called “Our blacks are better than yours.” I will interpret it as “our minorities are better than yours” but I think the title is more “in your face” for the freaks on both sides. Everyone who has met me can guess what I initially was going to call it before the clinically depressed, most likely insane overworked pseudo (not very good) editor in my head “suggested” the original title was unwise.

I got the line “Our blacks are better than yours” from an old article published by firebrand Ann Coulter titled Why Our Blacks are Better Than Their Blacks. In her 2011 article, she said “Liberals step on black conservatives early and often because they can’t have black children thinking, ‘Hmmm, the Republicans have some good ideas; maybe I’m a Republican.'” Remember minority conservatives are non-existent. If they do exist then, you can’t actually be serious concern about the black (and all other) communities.

Josephine and firebrand Lauren Southern both Canadian

Anyway the next non-existent minority conservative voice I found to feature in the Our blacks are better than yours segment is a young lady named Josephine Mathias who appears to be a 4th-year Political Science student at the University of Toronto located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Josephine says she is studying to be a lawyer. Josephine runs the channel MyNameIsJosephine. The reason she popped up on my radar is she is rabidly anti-PC / social justice warrior. She is just seems pissed off by it. I believe most of the time you can trust anger.

She had some fantastic points in this 7-minute video titled Why The Black Community is Poor!, perfectly articulated points you have not heard anywhere else. One of the most impressive is that Americans of Nigerian descent (black) have a similar household income as Americans of European descent (white). Has anyone told you that? Who has the highest household incomes? Americans of Asian descent. If the system is so racist, why are certain minorities groups doing so well?  Of  course another great question is why do Nigerian do so well in American or Canada (the West), and not in Nigeria.

Not surprising Americans of Nigerian descent have very low involvement in crime, children out of wedlock and similar achievements in college as Americans of European ancestry.  Wonder if that could be part of it.  No, I am sure it is not.  They tend to be a fairly conservative group of people.  Josephine Mathias tries to actually help black Americans and Canadians by explaining her life experiences, and of course, she is called a coon and worse by both the right and left wing racists freaks. If there are minority voices you would like me to feature, just send their information here, or in the comments below.