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Freeman High school apparently has had a school shooting. Freeman High School is located in a very small town of Rockford, which is south of Spokane County in Eastern Washington. Four people are hurt, one person dead. It appears the attacker is not one of the people who died. It appears to be a single lone gunman.  The children were taken to Providence Sacred Heart Catholic Medical Center.   The Catholic Sacred Heart hospital is setup to deal with multiple serious trauma like this.  What is completely brutal is that a family is not going to ever see their teenage child again. They went off to school this morning, and now the child is dead. Hug your kids constantly.  Fight to remain in a state of grace.

Sorry Bishop Daly, no time to come together and pretend like we are one nation and care about each other. Already progressives who like to surround themselves with victims to advance their authoritarian agenda are trying to use this tragedy to advance their gun-grabbing dream.  Social media is already pushing more gun control as the answer. And I can concur with this. Anyone that prevents teachers, administrators and college students from being able to defend themselves is responsible for yet another tragedy in their “gun free zone.”

The local news is already repeating Michael Bloomberg propaganda.  School shootings are actually down, and they nearly disappear when you have armed Resource Officers and armed teachers and administrators.  From the CATO institute “But a closer look at their numbers revealed that they artificially inflated the statistic by including suicides, accidents, incidents related to criminal activity (e.g. – drug dealing or robbery), and incidences that took place outside of school hours or were unconnected to members of any school community.”

It takes good people with guns to stop bad guys with guns. And progressives who appear to be cowards deep down do not like those others have no issues protecting themselves. Arm teachers, arm administrators, encourage everyone to protect themselves.  For now, the situation appears to be over.  Stay armed and ready as you normally do.   In the longer time, encourage your kids school to have at minimally an armed teacher / administrator program and potentially a full-time armed School Resource Officer.  Find out more at the National School Shield program.