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I am doing my “bard” duties and traveling around. I spent a little time in the Communist, socialist State of California. A friend showed me something that came home with his 12-year-old (6th grade).

This document is what his teacher went over in school, with this 12-year child. This is post-modernism being taught in schools. This is the theory that “nothing means anything” or said another way “…anything can mean anything.” This is an assault on the traditional society which is led by men, which post-modernist or “cultural” Marxist call the “patriarchy.” Post-modernist define patriarchy as “…as an unjust social system that enforces gender roles and is oppressive to both men and women. It often includes any social, political, or economic mechanism that evokes male dominance over women.”

That is how post-modernist see Western Civilization as a “…unjust social system…” which they mean to tear down in any way they can.

The main problem of the cultural Marxist which I have now understood as post-modernist are men. And specifically white men who have a normal sexuality. Think on this and look at what is being taught in public schools to 12-year-old children without their parent’s permission or even knowledge.  Parents must be the primary person in charge of their children’s education.