This is perhaps one of the most notable documents that the Novus Ordo Catholic church has produced in our life times. For the first time in, longer than any of us remember (Bard Note: it appears this has last been done in the Middle Ages AD 1333) a group of Catholics has formally, and I would say with great restraint accused a sitting Catholic Pope of heresy.

“The Pope decided to resign after revelations of a secret report commissioned by three cardinals which revealed the strong influence of economic lobbies, sex scandals and influence peddling at the highest level of the religious institution that he will lead up to February 28.”

I, of course, have previously explained heresy of Pope Francis multiple times on this blog. In the post Why the Pope Resigned, a theory over three years ago, I let this audience know that something was seriously wrong in Rome.  I explained that the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI most likely was forced to resigned to prevent the publication of the Cardinal Julian Herranz report. I also have explained that Cardinals who had raped boys and girls in their past put in a homosexual-friendly Jesuit Pope who would bury Cardinal Herranz’s report, protect them and keep their secrets.

In the post Heretical popes & Limitation of Catholic Authority I explained that I considered Pope Francis a heretic, and I, as the father of my family have every right under natural law to avoid Pope Francis and his homosexual minions, and to keep my children as far away from the portion of the Catholic Church (most of it) dominated by homosexuals and child raping priests.

“…struggles for power and money cited in a secret report delivered by three cardinals to the Pope hypothesized a gay lobby. The document will pass into the hands of the new pope, who should be strong enough, young and holy”.

However what I have said that other lay Catholics seem to not understand is that I, as a single layman do not have the authority under church law to formally accuse the Pope of being a heretic. This must come from of authority, I would guess the Cardinals who are like the Apostles of our age. I guess we can support religious superiors, but we lay people cannot lead this.  This brave group of over 40 priests, religious and lay scholars have in the Filial Correction says they do have the right to formally say that the Pope is “allowing” heresy to spread (which he is).  Not a single Cardinal signed this letter.  Most surprising including Cardinal Raymond Burke or Cardinal Walter Brandmuller who have basically accused Pope Francis of heresy multiple times and promised to protect the souls of the sons of the Church.

After the Filial Correction has become public, and additional 60 priests have signed on to the document. It includes the entirety of the Society of Saint Pius the X (SSPX) led by SSPX Superior General Bishop Bernard Fellay, and it does not contain a single FSSP priest. Retaliation will be on its way from Rome. Expect to labor under excommunication once again.  We have covered in the post The Bishop of Rome continues his purge of Conservative Catholics how Pope Francis and his Jesuits are destroying the lives of conservative Catholics.  While other priests and lay people do nothing but throw stones at those who have the courage to stand up for simple biblical truths.

Some very conservative Catholics will be incline to make light of the Filial Correction partially since it is so measure and respectful.  I suggest you do not.  It is the beginning not the end goal. Remember when people were throwing Bishop Fellay under the bus for simply talking to Rome?  And I advised caution.  Have some faith for the Lord’s sake.  Apparently, these brave men, who are now being subjected to all types of directed attacks by the Lavender Mafia provided this document to Pope Francis last month, in private. Yet he refused to respond to them in any way. Thus they have made their letter known to the faithful to attempt to shield their souls. Deus Gracis.

And oh, by the way, it is not only these 60 who have accused the Pope of Heresy. There are many, many priest and laity who have said basically the same thing. What comes next is anyone’s guess. However at least some Catholic leaders stood up for simple biblical truths. I pray that in the coming weeks more of these will respond to this well-written document and “sign on” to this, perhaps orthodox Catholicism last stand. I hope the list of signatories grows.

In addition I wonder what orthodox Cardinals, such as Cardinal Burke will do.  This Filial Correction talks about the heresies that Pope Francis has allowed to promulgate and what the limits of the faithful under Catholic Church law.  Specifically it says “As subjects, we do not have the right to issue to Your Holiness that form of correction by which a superior coerces those subject to him with the threat or administration of punishment (cf. Summa Theologiae 2a 2ae, 33, 4).”  Cardinal Burke has suggested he may issue a formal correction.  I do not understand what the difference between what Cardinal Burke has suggested and the Filial Correction. While more and more laity will do as I have done and separate ourselves as much as possible from those who refute the Holy Bible, the “next step” is clearly in the hands of Cardinal Burke and other Princes of the Catholic Church.

There is an official website for this correction Filial Correction.  Here are the documents which I have not had time to read in their totality.

1. Filial Correction on Account of the Propagation of Heresies – Delivered to the Roman Pontiff Pope Francis at his Residence in Domus Sanctae Marthae, at the Vatican, on 11AUG2017.
2. Summary explaining content of the Filial Correction
3. Press Release and Historical Precedent (Pope John XXII, A.D. 1333)
4. List of first signatories

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. As always pray and prepare.  Contact me here or in the comments if you have more information to share.