Wow after I featured @RedPillBlack on this blog on 05SEP2017 she really appeared to have blown up. On 24SEP2017 she appeared on @WattersWorld on Fox News.  Congratulations!  While we all know it was her hard work, I still wonder how much featuring her on this blog helped? Are Fox News producers lurking my blog?

One of the things that got me thinking about our new segment Our blacks are better than yours was a line that some alt-right (white nationalist) had on one of their videos. They talked about creating fake “conservative black” Twitter accounts to see how many cuckservative (race traitors) they could get to like their content. They made it seem like there are no minorities who believe in the superiority of Christianity, Western Civilization, and individual liberty. They made it like a joke that we exist. Thus I started to take notes of who I listen to.  I also got some ideas from this audience.  Then I decided to share.

I tend to not cover minority conservative voices who have already well known. This includes Colion Noir who we featured on this blog back in 2013 Michelle Malkin, Benjamin Caron, Mia Love, obvious minority stars like Tim Scott and T.W. Shannon. I tend to focus on little-known voices, or #NewMedia here on our segment Our blacks are better than Yours.

Today enough with the great looking, photogenic young conservative ladies, next person I will introduce this audience too, needs a haircut, to shave (dude that is not a goatee), a decent stylist and perhaps to lose a few pounds. He was limping around on some crutches the last video I caught. However, I will tell you his mind and wit are working just fine. He goes by the online moniker Just Some Black Dude. And he hates Social Justice Warriors (SJW) with a passion.

Liberals are ***** retarded

He is yet another guy who came out of the legendary Internet event called GamerGate. I guess I should introduce what GamerGate was since it spawned so much of what you see in young conservative circles. Anyway, Some Black Guy aka Derrick Pilot started uploading videos around 2014. He has been out there talking from a conservative viewpoint for quite awhile. He cusses a lot and basically talks about things that young people are talking about not what the older crowd thinks young people should be talking about. He started his channel as a gamer channel. Derrick Pilot was playing video games, and people will watch that. It is the “thing to do.” However, he became more passionate about the politics of why liberal people want to force their one way of thinking on everyone. With 238,000 subscribers and videos that get over 250,000 views, he has a pretty good following.

Oppression Olympics

I have not heard him say he supports the Republican Party, mostly he just focuses on the moronicness of SJW and politically correct approach to everything. I do appreciate his voice of hating all identity politics. Even though many may not like the fact he cusses so much, I find it remarkable that there is yet another young minority who grasps the political truth with such fervor.  He too is being targeted by the authoritative progressive Internet monopoly including Google. These new authoritative progressive monopolies are like the old corrupt railroads that would destroy towns that didn’t toe their line. I looked through a lot of his content for a decent one to introduce him to this audience.

One video that attracted my attention was titled I Hate Identity Politics. It is another video that Google removed because “it was extremely violent and violated (progressive) community guidelines.” Hint, it has no violence.  It is very funny, and very true.   If you have time, I recommend you check it out.

Yet the video I settled on his 08JAN2017 discussion about four black thugs who kidnapped and tortured a mentally impacted white guy in Chicago. He spends a lot of time on one of the black supremacist who calls himself Black Hitler.  People like “Black Hitler” do not get banned from Google.   ***Note cussing is involved. ***