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Father John Zuhlsdorf

I was looking through my morning reading list and of course stopped over to read Father John Zuhlsdorf’s @fatherz blog What Does the Prayer Really Say. Primarily I was interested if Father John Zuhlsdorf had any commentary on the #FilialCorrection. This is big news in Catholic circles. When reading through his latest online post, he introduced us to a radical far left Catholic site called Religion News.

Father James Martin called Father John Zuhlsdorf a White Nationalist

On this progressive Catholic site like elsewhere, the Democratic Party, leftist and progressives like to use “revolutionary” approach to change Christianity and Western Civilization into another attempt at socialist utopia. Over 100 million dead last century didn’t convince them their ideas were false. Many of us like to tie their actions back to a famous leftist book called Rules for Radicals. In their little book on how to tear down or “transform” Western Civilization and Christianity, the socialists talk about attacking individuals.

Religion News a Catholic far left site used the term Catholic Alt-Right in their post titled Religious cyber-vigilantism on the rise to describe Father Zuhlsdorf and other online orthodox Catholic apologetic sites.  This follows up a Washington Post article by Father James Martin a Jesuit priest (same order as the Pope) who refuses to say if he is a active homosexual titled I called for Christians to love gay people.  Now the Catholic alt-right is taking revenge. With that, I have a serious problem.

Now we know that progressives and liberals do not really believe in categories. Post-modernists actually wage war on the concept that anything is actually anything. Obviously, their twisted approach, which is not based upon logic, is not consistent. You can decide to be another gender, but you cannot choose to be another race. You can decide to change your pronoun and “transition, ” but it is wrong for parents to counsel their kids that being heterosexual is a far simpler more likely successful lifestyle. Post-modernists Progressives are attempting to tear down Christianity and Western Civilization by attacking logic itself. The entire approach to logic is based upon categorization; black and white, positive and negative, multiplication and division.  [Bard Note:  It is estimated that American and Canadian universities have produced between 600,000 – one million revolutionary post-modernists primarily through their social science course in the last 15 years]

“Then there’s David Myers, a UCLA historian recently named president and CEO of the Center for Jewish History in New York City, who’s been attacked by alt-right Jewish vigilantes for being too left-wing on Israel.” Mark Silk what the heck is an Jewish White Nationalist?  Is that the same thing as a black white supremacists?

Yet Religion News a radical left site uses the term alt-right, which is everyone now knows after the events of Charlottesville is just another word for White nationalist (or white separatist but also includes white supremacists) to try and make the point that Father Zuhlsdorf is somehow associated with the ideology of White Nationalism.  There is not one shred of proof that Father Zuhlsdorf is a racist in any way.

Father Martin and Religion News are using a dog whistle to their fellow travelers, grey organizations like the SPLC and ADL and perhaps modern day corrupt railroad Baron’s like Google and Facebook to try and unperson Father Zuhlsdorf. Their little attempt is categorically false.  In my mind raises to the level of slander.  The fact that Father Martin and Religion News can call a Father Zuhlsdorf a racist and a person who believes in the need for a white homeland (ethno-state) and not get immediate push back from the Catholic faithful demonstrates how far the vile, evil and sickness of the post-modern driven heretical Catholic culture has spread.

Alt-right is (now) nothing but another term for White Nationalists. Catholicism and orthodox Catholicism is the exact opposite. Literally, Catholicism says that all people are equal before God.  All people will be judged by the same God.  All people are subject to the same Divine Law.  All people should be converted to the One True Faith. The Holy Bible and orthodox Catholicism teach we are all genetically descendants from one mating couple.  And Father Zuhlsdorf has said these facts with every breath he has.  The most important thing Catholicism says even more strongly is that chattel slavery is wrong. Each and every baptized Catholic has the right to the sacraments including baptism, the Eucharist, penance and marriage.  These cannot be morally removed by men.

Yes that is why, in part we suffer people like Milo.  It is our Catholic Christian duty to try and help him.  We reject his lifestyle like we reject other mortal sins, but we also keep the door open for him gain the grace required to turn away from his insane lifestyle.  If we can help, we do.  He is Catholic, and even though we do not like his lifestyle, none can deny him the sacraments.  Especially of Penance.

These God-given rights cannot be infringed by God or men, even Popes. Peter is traditionally considered the “first Pope.” I think more logically that Jesus Christ should be given that title, as he was the first leader of Christians worldwide (in addition to being God). Because Jesus said to go forth and baptize all nations no Pope who comes after can morally say you cannot. This is why alt-right groups like to use the term “White Christianity” to try to inject race into the Bible and Christianity where none actually exists.  This is also why large parts of the White Nationalist scene reject orthodox Christianity.  This is nothing new, this is why there is a Baptist and Southern Baptist conference.  The Baptist rejected the false biblical support of African chattel slavery, while the Southern Baptist found a way to twist the words of Jesus to support denying Africans the Sacraments including marriage.

Mark Silk labeling priests he does not like racists

Thus this twisted little progressive site and this Jesuit Priest are actually trying to form in the reader’s mind some connection between White Nationalism and Father Zuhlsdorf by calling him part of the Catholic Alt-Right. This is categorically false, and the left’s dog-whistle that Father Zuhlsdorf and other traditional Catholics are actually not Catholic.  Anytime you hear one of these little Lavender Mafia run socialists Catholic outfits talk, just ask them (and this should be done in every public space, to every Catholic leader) this simple question:

“Do you fully and completely accept, believe and embrace, without reservation; the Church’s teaching that genital homosexual activity is intrinsically evil?”

You may also ask them:

“Do you accept the Biblical teaching that of all mortal sins, homosexuality is one of only four that cry out to heaven for vengeance?” (Gn 17:20-21) Then you can decide to listen to anything else they say.

When the sons of the Church see evil men attack good men, especially good priests we should stand up and speak up.  For starters.  Father Zuhlsdorf is not a racist. He is a believing Catholic priest trying to hold to an orthodox understanding of the Holy Bible and the tradition of the Catholic Church inside the diocesan Novus Ordo Church.

I call upon Father James Martin and Religion News to retract their stories and issue a public apology for associating Father Zuhlsdorf with White Nationalism (alt-right).  We know they will not as truth, logic (logos) and morality are not tools of the Catholic Left, however still spread the word to bring attention to their despicable conduct.