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#VegasStrong #MAGA As progressives attack, here is a patriot’s analysis of the Las Vegas massacre and what we can do to prepare

An American, who appeared by all information we have now is just a normal 64 year old guy open fired from his 32 floor hotel room down in a crowd of over 20,000 people watching a country music concert.  He killed 59 people and wounded over 527.  This is the worse shooting in modern history.  For those who care, he was white, the vast majority of his victims were white.  His name was 64-year-old Stephen Paddock.

As usual, a bunch of authoritarian progressives who try to attack gun rights, do so in the heat of the moment are out there on news shows and social media. It is good to see the vast majority of people simply tune these people out, and look for some way to help, giving blood, or whatever. I have watched and read the same reports you have, but checked with potentially some different sites. Here is my analysis.

The shooter appears to be fully committed to this.  He checked in to a hotel room under his girlfriends name.  Why?  He brought 10 guns with him. Why? He was in the hotel room since last Thursday.  Why did he wait until today?  This guy allegedly that he had no military training, was not affiliated with any religious or political entities. I read somewhere that he had a hunting license, which would explain some things.

This appears to be a fully automatic weapon. The sound of that firearm was not a single shot or semi-automatic weapon (one trigger pull, one bullet fired). This did not sound like a semi-automatic weapon set on burst (one trigger pull, three bullets fired). This seemed like a fully automatic weapon (one trigger pull, bullets keep firing until the magazine is empty). Legal fully automatic weapons are rare. To the best of my knowledge to get a legal fully automatic weapon you have to get this moronic federales stamp.  You  can listen to the video here on LiveLeak.

In addition to the Tax Stamp, each and every automatic weapon is “inspectable” at any time by the federales. You must notify the government whenever you permanently move these weapons.  Also please note the way he was spraying that weapon is not even allowed anymore, except for the SAW (squad automatic weapon) guy.  In other words, rarely do people use “fully automatic mode” because it is so inaccurate.  Of  course we are not trained to shoot into a crowd of 20,000 unarmed people packed in like sardines.  I guess it works in that situation.  Normally we carry 5.56 AR-15 rifles that have a single shot or burst “one trigger pull 3 rounds fired.” If you listen to the weapon, it is just a long sound of shots being fired. That seems like a person who just pulled back the trigger and let it run.

CBS Lawyer commenting on the shooting

With such a high death toll I wonder if this suggests an .30 caliber weapon. Most of us use the .223 / 5.56 NATO round. That causes a lot of death but from 32 floors up down into a crowd? I would not have expected such a deadly attack from 5.56 ball. However a fully automatic .30 or larger weapon like an AR-10? This is exactly what I would expect.

Limiting the right of law abiding Americans to have Guns

For those progressive liberals who always try an emotional argument to advance their “gun control” debates here are the facts. The only time the liberals want to paint a group with a broad brush is when it comes to gun owners.  Or maybe white men.  They are always so careful to say “…one lone gunman does not reflect upon the millions of law-abiding gun owners in the united states…” Oh wait, that is what they mean when some muslim immigrant murders a bunch of people. Just switch “gun owner” with “muslim.”

Universal background checks, he would have passed

Next, nothing they are recommending would stop these types of attacks, Universal background checks? This man apparently had no criminal record, no history of mental illnesses, owned a 400K home in a retirement community and previously worked at Lockheed Martin, i.e., a very (apparently) stable life. With the information we have now, he would have easily passed a background check. Also if he had a legal fully automatic weapon, he did pass a background check and was known to the government. If he got his guns illegally, then it shows that creating more hurdlers to jump through for legal people matters not.

Limiting magazine sizes? He had 10 long rifles; he could have just kept changing rifles and kept firing. Assault weapon ban? This man had an apparently fully automatic weapon which most of us can no longer get.

Anyway, a man with a bolt action .308 hunting rifle, who knows how to use it, (which this man apparently did) can put an aimed shot down range at the rate of one round per 3 seconds or so which is “infantryman” cadence. He had 72 minutes before the police blew in his door. That is enough time to put 1,440 aimed rounds down range with a bolt action hunting rifle. He had plenty of time to kill all of those people with a bolt action hunting rifle.  Probably would have killed more.  So how does banning semi-automatic weapons prevent this type of killing? It does not.

The truth (which many with a more feminine energy do not want to accept) is, in a free society you cannot prevent a person who wants to kill and not live, from killing. They will try to kill you with guns, if those are not available, with knives, with firebombs, with rented trucks.  Now my additional takeaway are these:

1. As usual, the police are late. This thing appeared to be over in 10 minutes, but the police did not enter his room for another 62 minutes. Did the guy run out of ammunition? Had he killed himself already? Apparently, they had some trouble finding the shooter. When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Expect this.

2. It takes a little time for people to bleed out. It is imperative that as many of us get gunshot first aid training as possible. We now know that getting people first aide quickly saves lives. The damnable federales actually offer much of this training for free.

3. If you are packed in like sardines at a concert and disarmed (they do a weapons check to go into group events like this, and handguns would have been no help in this situation) there is little you can do in this type of situation. When you recognize gunshots duck and cover, is basically all you can do.  When you can, immediately start giving first aide.

4. Be constantly amazed what one man with a little training can do. People think that men with rifles can’t bring this entire nation to a screaming halt. This is one guy. What happens if it is 10 guys or 10,000 guys? The Lord forbids 100,000 men. It is amazing to me the damage a committed man can do with a simple rifle and a little training.

It is odd that a guy with no apparent criminal or mental issues attacks an event that is often populated by more conservative attendees. We do not know if that has anything to do with anything, but I am tracking to see if that angle comes up and is buried by our lying liberal legacy media.

Right now as President Trump said, this just seems like a complete waste of life. An evil nut job decided to murder a bunch of people and unfortunately did so fairly well. Try your best to keep yourself in a state of grace as you do not know when your time is done. None of these people thought when they put on their pretty clothes yesterday to simply go to a concert, that it would be their last night on this earth.

Enjoy every sandwich, hung the people you love, pray and prepare.

Update:  From smart people. From the video of the event on YouTube you can hear the full auto firing at approximately 600 rounds per minute for 10 seconds (100 rounds). It is too slow for an AR on full auto (900 rounds per minute). First burst was likely from a full auto AK-47 with a 100 round drum. The second burst jammed about 30 rounds in. This is consistent with an AK.  Bullet hole in a metal wall is obviously not the product of a .223 caliber.  Compare the sound from this video (this is 100 rounds X three angles, 300 rounds per angle, 300 total)  https://youtu.be/bXUlLIeNT6A?t=48s   

[Bard Note:  This is true.  I believed the round was heavier than our typical .223.  The 7.62mm round in the AK47 is heavier and larger than the 5.56mm caliber bullet in the M4.]