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James Rawles of Survival Blog went over the Las Vegas shooting and a lot of the same points I made in my post immediately after the shooting on Monday in a recent interview. One thing James notes is that it appears that “destabilization” of the American society seems to be something everything is heading too. He also is highly suspicious that this is entirely random shooting by one lone evil nut job. Usually, these types of mass attacks are politically or religiously motivated. I saw one doctor on Fox and Friends who made the point that one way to figure out a motive was to look at the victims. The victims seem to be more politically conservative, generally white, and typically Christian.

James Rawles also notes that this attack took significant planning and the planning apparently was over some days if not longer. This even calls into question of the historic psychotic break due to anti-antidepressants. Stephen Paddock was prescribed 50 10-milligram diazepam or Valium tablets by Henderson physician Dr. Steven Winkler on 21JUN2017. Some people note that prescription anti-depressants are known to cause people to snap violently.

There are apparently more weapons. The police said there were over 20 guns in that hotel room. As I predicted in my initial analysis, James confirms that one of the firearms shown was a .308 AR-10 but only a 20 round magazine. This once against begs the question of limiting magazine sizes would work as this weapon just had 20 rounds. However, this supports my analysis that some of the damage dealt was by something heavier than a 2.23 or 5.56 typical M4 clone (AR-15).

Another firearm was the M4 (AR-15) with a 60 round magazine. This also shows the stupidity of gun control. This guy didn’t need a couple of long guns with large magazines. He had over 20 something long rifles and he apparently just went from rifle to rifle, to keep firing. This guy planned this out.

However, there is something missing. The initial sounds were a fully automatic weapon on a continuous fire perhaps a firearm with this “bump stock, ” but it had a much larger magazine. Fully automatic with 60 round clip is going to be empty in about 1 second. That sound was a very, very long pull of the trigger. As James said, something over 80 rounds, I thought closer to 100 rounds.

I also can confirm something James said; that I just have not known bump fire stocks to be so good, so long. To put down 80 round downwind, without interruption with a “bump fire” stock. I simply did not know bump fire was so good, and I am suspect of that. Also, I would expect that he would need to practice with this. To pull for over 80 rounds straight and get the rounds somewhat accurately, takes practice. Where did he practice? Also, .308 AR-10’s are expensive. Why I don’t have one, but most likely will be buying one before they try to ban them. My back of the napkin count says that just the guns and optics in his hotel room cost over $100,000. I mean a lot of us collect guns, but I have never seen such a collection that didn’t include a bunch of one of a kind ancient pistols and such. So many questions.

1. Allegedly he had no online presence. Really none?
2. Why check into the hotel under his girlfriend’s name with her ID?
3. Why wait for three days?
4. Why have so many different guns? He didn’t need them all.
5. Why videotape himself and then not publish it?
6. Why do this at all?

Anyway, here is some interesting analysis by James Rawles you are not getting from the mainstream media.