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Tommy Boy Ahlquist

In our continuing efforts to understand the upcoming choice for Republicans for Governor of Idaho the most senior State-level political servant, we continue to look into our favorite “life-long conservative,” Tommy Ahlquist.  I believe some people are disingenuous. Thus let me state our central premise clearly.  Tommy Ahlquist says he is a conservative Republican.  Before he decided to run for the top spot in Idaho, there is very little he has done in Idaho to support that.  He has not given to pro-life, pro-Second Amendment causes.  He has not supported conservative Republicans.  As a matter of fact, he has supported many progressives democrats over conservative Republicans before January 2016.  He may be a conservative Republican, but there is little evidence, and therefore I question if conservative Republicans should trust him with the highest office in our State.

You can read about our initial coverage of the 2018 Idaho Governor’s race in the article Breaking News: Republican Tommy Ahlquist being recruited to run for Idaho Governor as a Democrat.  You can read about our investigation outlining Tommy’s promoting Idaho progressive pro-abortion democrats over Christian conservative Republican in our blog post Tommy Ahlquist & his history of supporting progressive Idaho Democrats.

Tommy Ahlquist who is actually a crony-capitalist made a lot of his money with the help of your tax dollars.  For example he has used tax dollars aka Urban Renewal dollars money for his construction projects, and he used tax dollars aka Medicare tax subsidies to support his medical practices.   [Bard Note: I am sure that a little blogger from nowhere would ever find issues with Tommy’s Medicare reimbursements.]

I wondered if there was a deeper reason that a crony-capitalist progressive like Tommy Ahlquist financially support of the few Republicans he has supported.  Thus your Bard started to dig. I found it … “special” to see Tommy’s donations to Republicans comes right around the time he was asking Republicans to do something for him.  In this case it appears that Tommy was asking Republican Governor Butch Otter to appoint him to some board or commission where Tommy can continue to expand the scope and reach of the government. Tommy spends money and if the people do not do what he wants he spends cash against those people. Here is an example.

Tommy wanted to be appointed to the Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE). The SBOE is the Board that oversees all of the public schools in Idaho, from K-12 through colleges. The person who makes those appointments is the Governor of Idaho Butch Otter. So here is how the timeline plays out.

24MAR2014 Tommy makes a $2,500 donation to Butch Otter
04JUN2014 Tommy officially ask Otter to appoint him to the State Board of Education
16JUL2014 Governor Otter says no and appoints Hill and Critchfield
23JUL2014 Tommy gives $5,000 to Balukoff a Democrat running against Otter

I believe these facts could suggest another pattern with Tommy Boy Ahlquist. Currently, he is busy trying to buy the Idaho Republican Party. He has hired a bunch of local Republican staffers to run his campaign. In addition since JAN2017 this year, he has given at least $8,000 to the Idaho Republican Party.  And now several prominent republicans are “somehow” and suddenly favorable towards Tommy Ahlquist.  Based on how he first supported big government Republican Otter and then spent money against him when he didn’t get his way when Tommy Boy does not win the Republican nomination for governor, what do you think he will do? Here is another anecdote that I found significant.

Tommy Ahlquist has said that Anthony Joseph “A.J.” Balukoff is his good friend for many years, and that explains the reason he supported a progressive Democrats over a Republican. I find it interesting what Tommy’s “friend” Balukoff says about him, and so will conservatives in Idaho. As reported by Kimberlee Kruesi of the Associated Press in the piece titled Balukoff Considers Running Again for Idaho Governor on 22JUN2017 Tommy’s good friend Democrat A.J. Balukoff says about Tommy “We’ve been friends for a long time, and he gave me the money because of our previous relationship,” Balukoff said. “I think it’s interesting that he now calls himself a conservative, as though being a conservative is such a virtue.”

But hey, Republicans know Tommy so well.