Today we continue our continuing segment showcasing new minority conservatives voices. I started this segment for a couple of reason. One is that the White Nationalists (alt-right) made up fake minority accounts and then trolled other people as a joke, somehow implying that minority or libertarian-leaning conservatives, i.e., patriots do not exist. I also started the segment because liberals despise minority conservatives.

Authoritarian progressives ping-pong between viciously attacking minority conservatives by accusing them of things like an irrational fear of homosexuals (homophobia), irrational fear of Muslims (islamophobia) because we are mostly traditional Christians including progressives whites (to the cheering of progressive blacks) calling conservative blacks “coons”, Uncle Toms and the new one “black white supremacist.”  I like this article that said that normal heterosexual black men are the white people of black people.  Confused?  Don’t be it is all insanity. When progressives are not slandering black conservative voices they do their best to ignore they exist.

This week I would like to introduce you to Alfonzon Rachel and his channel The Zo Loft. He is a solid Christian protestant conservative and has been on Bill O’Reilly and worked with Andrew Breitbart and other mainstream conservative media. He is a big-time Republican and Tea Party supporter. He is also the drummer for the hard rock band 20 Pound Sledge. He is pretty kool.  Here is his video in response to the Las Vegas massacre.