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As most of you know Judge Roy Moore a very socially conservative Republican won the primary for Senate this week. The Republican establishment and their liberal allies in the media are up in arms. I have noticed a constant stream of misinformation about the election win of Moore over Strange in Alabama and wanted to address it.

It is my opinion that the primary reason that Judge Moore beat Strange even when Strange had the support of Trump is because of the DCAA deal Trump allegedly made with liberal, progressive Democrats. Right after President Trump had that dinner with liberal democrats, much of the chatter appeared to turn on any Republican connected with the establishment. Paul Ryan in the House apparently was preparing for a massive amnesty bill because he thinks more Hispanic will vote for establishment Republicans if we support open borders. Fools.  We covered the fact that Mexicans vote for the most socialist option possible in Mexico.

Now progressive media and Republican establishment hacks say if Republican primary voters vote for people who actually believe in what the Republican Party is supposed to support they will lose. Do you think progressives in the media care to help conservatives achieve any of their goals? They do not. If voting for so-called “hard right” populist conservatives will not work, why are the liberal lying legacy media so concerned about it? It is important to get hard right candidates who don’t destroy themselves by saying stupid stuff like “Hi, I am not a Witch.”  It is incumbent for their campaigans to understand that everyone is against them, liberal, lying legacy media, establishment Republicans, globalist open border companies everyone.

In my opinion, Judge Roy Moore will win the general election in Alabama. The Democrats are putting up a pro-baby killing Democrat in a deep red state. The Democrat Doug Jones supports partial birth abortion, surgical dismemberment abortion as late as the 9th month. Doug Jones believes a woman has the right to murder her child up until the 9th month. Doug Jones and liberal Democrats do not believe unborn humans have any rights. And Democrats believe the government has the right to make Christians pay for their baby murder, as part of “woman’s health.”
As long as Roy Moore focuses on the issues (economic nationalism, defending Christianity, Western Civilization and Individual Liberty) and does not destroy himself with out of control comments he will. One reason Judge More will win is that a vote for any national Democrat is a vote for anti-Christian, globalists and progressive authoritarians to control the government.

Pew Research states 22% of Democrats believe abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. A substantial majority of voters support banning abortion after 20 weeks. Not in Alabama. Nationally. Earlier this year Marist found 59 percent of Americans support the 20-week ban; late last year a Susan B. Anthony List (conservative group) election day poll found 64 percent support, including 78 percent of millennials. Americans dislike the idea of late-term abortions in general: When Gallup (somewhat neutral group) polled that in 2013, they found Americans backed keeping abortion legal during the first trimester, 61/31, but strongly opposed its legality during the second trimester, 27/64. By the third trimester, when Doug Jones running as a Democrat in Alabama would still be waving pregnant women through the doors of Planned Parenthood, support for legal abortion drops to 14/80.” Duh, who in their right mind is for cutting up the 8th-month-old baby?

When Judge Roy Moore wins, the same lying liberal legacy media and globalist establishment Republicans will make up an excuse of why other than a majority of voters in Alabama are ok with Judge Moore. And you know what; a majority of voters are ok with President Trump when he is keeping his campaign promises.

Never forget what Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, and other establishment hacks did to the Tea Party and patriot voters in Mississippi. All the liberals out there wonder why we have President Trump. This is why. This week the Patriots in Alabama stood and won. Perhaps the patriots in Mississippi will get another chance. What matters is a victory for Christianity, Western Civilization, and Individual Liberty. We care not for those who lose graciously. People appear to be voting against globalist massive amnesty and President Trump’s DACA deal, and the desire to vote for the most disruptive so-called “hard right” economically nationalist conservative possible. I wonder what this means for races such as Senator Jon Tester from Montana, House Representative Marsha Blackburn, Tommy Ahlquist for Idaho Governor.