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Next time a so-called conservative Republicans say they are supporting #NeverTrump, abortion supporting Tommy Boy Ahlquist ask them if they are a Tea Bagger, a nut job.

Here is some audio a patriot took of Tommy Ahlquist’s campaign manager David Johnston describing voters in Idaho. In the audio Tommy’s campaign clearly, describes what they think of the ideological scale in Idaho. Tommy’s campaign says that politics of Idaho goes from “flaming Bernie Sanders liberal” supporters to …far-right, teabag, nut job.

David Johnston is the former Executive Director of the Idaho Republican Party under Steve Yates. David Johnston also worked for Novus Ordo Catholic Idaho Governor Butch Otter. He has a political degree from BYU. Steve Yates is now running for Lieutenant Governor of Idaho. It appears Steve Yates’ campaign is deeply in bed with Tommy Ahlquist’s campaign. This audio shows patriots one reason conservative Republicans had such a hard time getting elected in Idaho and why I, your humble Bard have taken it upon myself to warn Republicans of liberal, big-government Tommy Boy Ahlquist who is running for governor of Idaho.

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