We have a new segment on this blog called “Our Blacks are Better than yours” after an article penned by Ann Coulter many years ago. In this segment, I often highlight young, but small minority voices who are conservative or at least anti-SJW. I started this segment after realizing that White Nationalist aka alt-right were trolling people with fake social media accounts that said they were black implying minorities can’t be conservatives, and the fact that liberal, lying legacy media attacks conservatives in general and any minority that wanders off the liberal reservation in particular.

This week we cover a very special political commentator who I like a lot. She is an anonymous YouTube personality that goes by the online nom de plume Roaming Millennial. No, she is not black. When I started this segment, I made the point that I would include new media conservative voices of various ethnicities.  I like the title Our blacks are Better than Yours because it seems to piss off authoritarian progressives and White Nationalist equally.  For the record, Roaming Millennial is half (Han) Chinese and half European.

Roaming Millennial considers herself to be a Baptist Christian, although she says her religion does not impact her political positions and she does not discuss her religion much – like at all. Her father was a Novus Ordo generally “non-practicing” Catholic. She was born Canadian but spent a considerable amount of time in Hong Kong. She says she has basically grew up all over the world.  She did her undergraduate work in the US and now spends her time between Canada and the US.  She calls herself a classical liberal who believes strongly in individual liberty.  Roaming Millennial calls herself pro-liberty, pro-market and pro-market.

But I do not see Roaming Millennial politics in the Friedrich Hayek the leading classical-liberal theorist of the 20th century train of thought.  Classical liberalism and globalists often supports imposing a single doctrine on all nations “for their own good.”  I believe many people call these people neo-cons on the right.  Just like welfare liberals and authoritarian progressives support imposing a single culture on everyone in these disunited States “because it is right.”  Most “classic liberals” are in the vein of Laock, Hayek, Milton Friedman, Robert Nozick and Ayn Rand.

They talk a lot about economics but do not seem to understand our western civilization is maintained by the traditional family, Christian faith and Anglo-American culture. Roaming Millennial comes off much more like a modern day Anglo-American conservative, or palo-conservative who seems to understand our politics comes from our language, culture, and borders.

One of the thing that seems to define this young, hip Right Wing advocacy in general and Roaming Millennial in particular appears to be the utter rejection of social justice warrior (SJW) concepts such as, 3rd Wave Feminism, identity politics in general and strong support for freedom of speech.  It will be most interesting to watch the “new right” or what were the non-racist portions of the alt-right (once again the Left will be caught flat-footed because they deny non-racists exist on the far right) mature their political viewpoints.   Perhaps Dr. Jordon Peterson is right, young conservatives will be coalesce around a message of economic nationalism, responsibility of maintaining Western Civilization and freedom of speech and association.

Roaming Millennial has been consistently opposed to White Nationalism (alt-right) and 3rd Wave feminism and other forms of social justice warrior (SJQ) nonsense.  Although she interviews these different groups with respect and thus is accused of “enabling hate.” She is extremely particular in the way she talks, always keeping her small but growing channel free of cuss words and a calming demeanor.  I think many from this page will enjoy listening to her. Since she is a racially mixed minority some in the White Nationalist aka alt-right appear to make fun of her by calling her a hapas.  I guess this is a Hawaii term for someone of mixed race.  Liberals on the left attack her as a “sell out” or self-loathing depending.  Obviously the globalist authoritarian progressives attack her as a racist.

Her channel presence is very “calm” and straightforward. She is really a professional and supports her position well. She talks in depth about things like how “body positivity” is just a way for some women like to try and force others to say “yes you are pretty too.” Being significantly overweight is unhealthy, and “everyone” is not attracted to everyone. I watched her respond to an SJW transgender man with body dysphoria disorder (BDD) who suggested that if you prefer women who with a vagina then you were had an “unreasonable fear of homosexuals” or homophobic.  There are several SJW who advocate this concept.  There was an article by a man that suggested if you have racial preferences in your life partner that made you racists.

Roaming Millennial is very good for red-pilling your more moderate friends, especially young people about the dangerous of feminism and social justice in general.  When thinking of a video to introduce Roaming Millennial to this audience, I choose a video where she talks about the new “hate speech.” It says that if you believe that there is a difference between men and women you are sexist.  If you like this video, please like and share.