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I wanted to share a touching story.  I was visiting with a new family here who had recently moved to the Redoubt. They have only moved here for six months, after searching for the right area for years. All of them appear to be excellent patriots. They wanted to get a read of the local land and wanted to talk over lunch, I agreed.

It was great to meet them. The husband and father were a longtime Republican. He has some notoriety as being an early and vocal opponent of Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action is not one of the issues I feel passionately about. People have to remember that the only organizations that are impacted by Affirmative Action are those that choose to get on the public dole. However, I do reject strictly race-based preferences.   Anyway that is not the point.

The entire family had moved to Idaho, eight adults plus children. The grandmother and grandfather appeared to be doing ok financially, and they had convinced their children that if they moved they wanted to help their children with all of their grandchildren to move so that they could stay together. Thus they all decided to flee California together. An entire family making the walk to freedom together.

Anyway, in talking to them, I realized that this was a Gold Star family. They had lost their son last year and were now helping to raise their two grand kids. They lost their son to complications of wounds he received defending this nation against ever present Islamic monster in Afghanistan. The pain is even more severe because it is so fresh.

I guess one of the locals knew that this was a Gold Star family. While we were finishing up our lunch, the server told us that another customer had already paid our bill in full. The mother was so shocked that someone had done that for someone they didn’t know, she just started to cry. It was a very moving moment. She said, “I am so thankful I am in Idaho.”  You could hear it in her voice.  Back among my own people. Even this old crusty sailor almost teared up.

Way to go Idaho, really, way to go.