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#NeverTrump Tommy Boy Ahlquist is a crony-capitalist with no conservative credentials who is running for governor of Idaho in 2018. Tommy Boy has supported pro-abortion Democrats and other Obama and Hillary Clinton supporters over Christian conservatives for years and is now in the process of buying the Idaho Republican Party. Apparently, he believes having his fellow LDS (Mormon) leader come to Idaho to endorse him will help him win more votes in Idaho.

Mitt Romney and Tommy Boy are very popular with open border, globalist republicans.  I question if Mitt Romney is very popular with American economic nationalist republicans who believe we are exceptional because of our Christian faith, language, culture and borders.

The simple truth is that although President Trump remains controversial, he is still extremely popular among Idaho Republicans in Idaho.  According to a 22FEB2017 Pew Research Center survey a full 86 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters held a favorable view of  Republican President Trump.  As reported by Idaho Politics Weekly, a Zions Bank publication a brand new survey published on 17SEP2017 by Dan Jones & Associates finds that 56 percent of Idahoans “strongly” or “somewhat” approve of the job Trump is doing as president.  While Mitt Romney and Tommy Boy Ahlquist were helping Hillary Clinton become President, conservative Congressmen Raul Labrador stood by Donald Trump in his hour of need.

Many, many conservatives do not support all that President Trump does or says, but they understand that he is far, far better than Hillary Clinton. Senator Jeff Flake has realized that, and after recognizing that his non-stop attacks on economic nationalist in his own Republican Party, and Republicans who do not believe in open borders he had no pathway to victory through a Republican Primary. Tommy Boy appears to be of the opinion that his incredible amounts of money, charisma and his strong support from open borders Republican business establishment will translate into victory in the Idaho Republican primary.  He and his allies have created a new political action committee called Building Idaho’s Future, Inc. to fool conservatives into voting for Mitt Romney lite.  They have the money, the consultants and the legacy, lying liberal media.  We have Just Us.  As usual.

Let’s remind everyone that Mitt Romney gave us the original Obama Care, lost to gun grabbing Obama, he then viciously attacked the only Republican who was in a fight to defeat Russian colluding baby murdering Hillary Clinton. Do we want that for the Republican leadership of Idaho?