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A PAC called Latino Victory Fund put up an ad in the Virginia Governor race. In that ad, they suggest that white men want to run down minorities children. They indicate that the Gadsden flag is somehow connected to the Confederate flag and both are used by racists child murders. They suggest that Ed Gillespie who I consider very liberal on immigration is somehow connected to murdering children.

  • They suggest this because Ed Gillespie says that tearing down statues is wrong. Where will it end?
  • They suggest this because Ed Gillespie wants to stop the violent immigrant MS-13 gang from murdering primarily minorities American citizens.
  • They suggest this because Ed Gillespie has not “denounced” President Trump’s response to the Unite the White Nationalist (Right) Charlottesville situation where he said there were “good people on both sides.” President Trump is only a great orator in his own mind, but there were people at that event that were not NAZIs, and Klansmen. Not many, but a few.

Latino Victory Fund PAC and other liberals in Virginia are calling for a race war, between the 30% of Americas who are not white, and whites.  It is that simple.  I am far, far to the right of Ed Gillespie on immigration what would they say about me? Do you believe in borders? If so, what do you think they will say about you? Watch below.

Do you hear any Democrats or liberal, lying legacy media saying anything bad about this ad?  You do not.  The truth is that they don’t care what they say or do, as long as they hold onto power.  They say they have the right to run ads like this because they “feel” Republicans are a physical threat to their children. I am ok with that, so let me try.

Democrats and progressives hate Christianity and Christians and will use homosexual activists to try and annihilate practicing orthodox Christians.  Democrats and progressives are globalist and hate nationalism and work to destroy America. Democrats hate white people, especially white men but all men who believe in Western Civilization. Their code word for traditional “normal” men is the patriarchy.  All progressives and globalist are not Democrats.

Vote accordingly.

Update:  Breitbart is reporting that the Latino Victory Fund is funded by George Soros.  They are also reporting that the Latino Victory Fund has provided financial support to the Democrat Virginia candidate Ralph Northam. He has not condemned the ad.  Democrats support The Hispanic Race (La Raza) and its call for a race war in America.   It is really simple folks.  Supporting modern Democrats are like Jews supporting the National Socialists of Germany in 1932.