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It appears that Devin Patrick Kelley, 26 targeted his current wife Danielle Shields Kelley mother’s church. I assume that after he received a bad conduct discharge and 12 months in military jail for beating his former wife (name unknown) and their child they divorced or separated. But that is unknown.

Appears to be mostly a personal issue not political

There was a lot of false information on the Internet saying that this guy was part of the “far left” Antifa umbrella group. There is no evidence I have found that Devin Patrick Kelley is associated with Antifa or any other political group at this time other than being a militant atheist. Although his LinkedIn and Facebook account (now removed by Facebook) have him interested in things like the environment, atheism. Thus he does not sound like a “Christian conservative.”

In addition because many people are not blessed with the grace of a Christian faith like to suggest this is a “mental health” issue and that Devin Patrick Kelley was a maniac or deranged.  There is little data to suggest that he was “insane.”  He was violent and he was evil, but I cannot find something that would say he was irrational.  He rationally planned out a very evil act.  Again, you will not hear this from the legacy, lying liberal media because they have nearly no practicing orthodox Christians left working for them.  Thus they do not have the grace to understand.  It is my opinion and I think in line with scripture and the traditions of the Catholic faith that you do not have to be crazy, to be evil.

What appears to be known is that Devin Patrick Kelley’s current wife’s Danielle Shields Kelley’s mother had a P.O. Box in the small town (population 450) of Sutherland Springs, Texas. “However, Heavy has learned that the shooter’s wife says on Facebook that she is from Sutherland Springs, and her mother was pictured in previous photos at the First Baptist Church, showing the shooter has personal ties to the church. Online records show the wife’s name is Danielle Shields Kelley, which CBS has also confirmed.”  He did kill his grandmother-in-law, Lula White. Danielle’s mother was not in service this Sunday.

So for most likely personal reasons, Devin Kelley decides to murder everyone important to his mother-in-law.  And because Devin Kelley is a militant atheist, he decides to target his in-laws at their church the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs.

Tactical Situation

First Devin Kelley most likely did not get any “advanced training” in the military on the AR-15. As all of us know guys in the US Navy and US Air Force (USAF) do not get any significant infantryman training. The fact is American men are riflemen, many, many men (and some women) who have no military training know how to handle guns and shoot somewhat accurately.  You will not hear this fact from the legacy, lying liberal media because it does not support their gun grabbing narrative.

What we understand now is that Devin Kelley walks up to the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas, dressed all in “black” with a black “tactical vest,” and a white skull mask with a Ruger AR-15 and opens fire from outside the church. A tactical vest is not a plate carrier, but a “bullet proof” in reality “bullet resistant” vest police often wear. It is usually rated to resist various small arms fire like 9MM handguns, perhaps up to a 45 including shotgun pellets (not slugs) and knife attacks. After changing magazines probably more than once, Devin Kelley enters the Baptist church and keeps firing as he slowly makes his way to the front of the Baptist church.

He is continues to shoot as he walks back out of the church. Apparently there were no armed people inside that church. Devin Patrick Kelley murders 26 people and wounds something like 24 others.  There were approximately 50 people in the church.  Basically, he shot every single person in the Church.  Many people like 5 year old Rylan Ward were shot multiple times and are now in the hospital fighting for their lives. The youngest person killed being a baby in her mother’s womb as intentionally killing an unborn child while committing a crime in Texas is considered murder.  Again you will not hear that from the legacy, lying liberal media as they do not like to report facts that do not support their abortionist policies.  The oldest victim was a 72-year-old woman. Even the pastor’s 14-year-old daughter was murdered in her father’s church.

Example of tactical vest, size XL NIJ IIIA (9MM, RN)

Right when he is near the door, a local armed citizen, Stephen Willeford, 55 who attends a different church attacks Devin Patrick Kelley with own “long rifle.” We do not know what type of rifle Stephen Willeford had, but I read one report that it was a shotgun. Somehow his (perhaps) shotgun penetrates one of the the gaps in the tactical vest Devin Patrick Kelley was wearing.

“Act now ask questions later”

Devin Patrick Kelley drops his AR-15 and makes for his SUV. He then flees the scene. Quick thinking Stephen Willeford flags down another Patriot and says follow that car; he just shot up a church. It was Johnnie Langendorf, and he said “’It was an act now, ask questions later kind of deal.’

Stephen Willeford, 55 an American rifleman and a Patriot hero

Both of these patriots Stephen Willeford and Johnnie Langendorf took off after this guy in Johnnie’s truck. Johnnie Langendorf appears to be on the phone to the police and driving up to 95 MPH while Stephen is “keeping his rifle on him.” It is being reported by one official that Stephen Willeford did more than “keep his rifle on him” that he was popping off shots at the fleeing SUV but we have not confirmed that.

After awhile Devin Patrick Kelley lost control of his SUV and went off the road. Stephen Willeford exited the vehicle and kept him under control, but Devin did not move. By the time the police had gotten there, Devin was dead, either from bleeding out after being hit by Stephen Willeford or a “self-inflicted” gunshot that appears to have happened after he ran off the road.

A couple of things. I have always said that a man with faith and the will to act will eventually win. I have recommended everyone stay armed, especially where Christians gather. I have also recommended specific steps Christians can do to secure their churches in the blog post Concept of Operation for Church security & ‘active shooters’. I have put the information out there for free, it is up to you to share this with your Church and group.

Stephen Willeford is a patriot who when the time for him to act, did so. If only we all have the courage and will to act when it is our turn on the anvil of history.