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Tommy Boy a very bad movie for Idaho conservatives

As you guys know, I have written a few articles about Idaho gubernatorial candidate Tommy Boy Ahlquist. I covered the Democrats reaching out and encouraging Tommy Boy to run in the Democratic Party in the blog post Breaking News: Republican Tommy Ahlquist being recruited to run for Idaho Governor as a Democrat. I and others help create a very in-depth very well documented by a citizen journalist story about Tommy Boy’s support for pro-abortion Obama and Hillary Clinton supporting Democrats over Christian Conservative Republicans.

How many good Christian conservatives has Tommy Boy already destroyed in his crony-capitalist quest for power and money?  I covered his campaign manager David Johnston, who is a little globalist progressive who worked for current liberal Republican Butch Otter, you know the guy who wants to hike taxes on groceries, refused to support School Choice and signed Constitutional Carry only because he know the liberty loving Republicans would override his veto attacking Idaho conservatives directly in the post Tommy Ahlquist campaign attacks Conservative Republicans. However, most of these articles have been benign. I have attempted to report the facts as I understand them and then provide my analysis.

What did Tommy Boy do in response to Idaho conservatives looking into his past and providing their opinion? He blocked me on social media.

Tommy Blocks Alex Barron

This is the response of a weak small sneaky beta male.  That is why I call him Tommy Boy.  It appears Tommy Boy is use to getting his way, he is not use to working with others who he disagrees with.  When he doesn’t like what you have to say, he tries to shut you up. All other conservative Republicans should pay attention to how liberal Tommy Boy and his supporters  treat “…far-right, teabag, nut job” Republicans.  Or said another way, conservative Republicans they disagree with.

George Soros group express support for  Tommy Ahlquist

I can understand how globalist progressive groups like Idaho Resists are super happy Republicans would consider voting for Tommy Boy.  The Resist organizations nationally are partially funded and run by people who have connections with George Soros and sponsor violent riots all over America where they attack conservatives. They must support Tommy Ahlquist because he is a #NeverTrump.   Yet I am shocked that any conservative would support such as thin skinned guy as the next leader of Idaho?