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I was moving around the “Internet tubes” yesterday and saw a notice where the publisher and primary writer for the Sandpoint (Idaho) Reader Ben Olson announced he was going to do a series of in-depth articles on our American Redoubt movement.  I don’t know Ben Olson, but I find it strange that a small paper would start by announcing his intention to do an article publicly and then calling for anyone with any information to call or email him. Thus we talk to patriots in the Sandpoint area.

They were not impressed.

The reason he is calling anyone to speak with him is that the primary voices of the American Redoubt JJS, JWR and I have all refused to talk to him.  According to their white board shown below they are interested in talking to MyPatriotSupply and that realtor in Coeur d’Alene. He acknowledges this fact when he says “As you may assume, it has been difficult to interview people whose lifestyle depends on self-reliance, isolation, and mistrust of the media.” First liberal bias error. No one depends upon isolation.  None of us isolated at all. Kinda of the point of picking your neighbors.

Information from the Sandpoint Readers white board – Seems like they want to interview My Patriot Supply and the realtor in Coeur d’Alene

And no one has a “mistrust of the media.” Most of us have media sites of our own which reach thousands if not tens of thousands of people monthly. We merely have an excellent understanding of the liberal bias press. Several of the Redoubt voices have been fairly interviewed by many balanced news outlets. I even chose to speak to the Economist on the record.

Even one of our primary news outlets Redoubt News which is doing a fantastic job of original journalism in following the injustice of the trials of the Bunkerville patriots has refused to speak to Ben Olson and The Reader from Sandpoint. Thus Ben Olson’s is  trying to get anyone who may be even remotely associated with the American Redoubt to speak to him.  And he will then pass that off as “journalism.”

To give you a taste of who Ben Olson is, here is what Ben Olson said about President Donald Trump “…I need to publish my clear opposition to this demagogue for the historical records. I do not endorse Trump’s polices, which I believe will negatively influence our standing in the word theater. I do not endorse his anti-media, anti-free press positions where he has called for looser libel laws. Most importantly, I don’t support his views on immigrants, women, disabled people, veterans…I will vote for Clinton if only to keep Trump from ever becoming the most powerful person in the world.” Here is what Ben Olson said about Heather Scott, “Locally, I support Kate McAlister in the State Representative District 1A …her opponent, Rep. Heather Scott, has continually proven that she is only interested in catering to those on the far right who support her. I disagree with her decision to show up (during the legislative session) to the Malheur incident in Oregon, where armed militants had taken over a federal building…” A smart friend recently explained trying to talk to a committed progressive or globalist about conservative causes and values is like trying to describe fire to a fish. 

Ben Olson

If people were really interested in understanding something you would go to the source if possible.  For the American Redoubt it is very possible.   You could start by reading any of the thousands of articles on this site, you can start with What is the American Redoubt.  If you want to “explore the origination” of the term “American Redoubt” read it in full from the man who wrote it, James Rawles in his blog post The American Redoubt — Move to the Mountain States. If you want to understand its political ideology read about here on the CCS or read John Jacob Schmidt’s site and radio show Radio Free Redoubt and hear it from the horse’s mouth.

The American Redoubt movement is political migration by more conservative Americans. It appeals to anyone who loves the America, Christianity, Western Civilization, Individual Liberty and wants to be surrounded by like-minded people.  Although parts of the Redoubt are pretty urban also, it still a more rural very family-friendly place to live and raise your children. Pick your neighbors well while you have the chance.

What are the political motivations of the American Redoubt? To protect and promote orthodox Christianity, Western Civilization, and Individual Liberty. The American Redoubt appeals to anyone who is ok with a multi-racial community but strongly wants to promote the single American culture which is based on Judo-Christian values, Western Civilization and Individual Liberty.

No one who supports the American Redoubt movement in particular or liberty causes in general would talk to a globalist, progressive journalist who will only use what they say as a hit piece against other patriots. There is a reason that the primary voices of the American Redoubt choose not to engage with him. Those who know, do not speak.