I think I will start to download and include videos here from most places.  YouTube is actually deleting a lot of videos that are more controversial.   People are letting me know that past post now lead to broken YouTube links.  Google is basically “burning books” they don’t like.  Thus I will start to embed videos in post so that they stay.  Today’s post is kinda of test.  Here is a fun clip of the USS Kitty Hawk doing some work in the real world.  Enjoy.

“This is a clip from the bridge of the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) aircraft carrier on its way home to Yokosuka Naval Base Japan during a typhoon. My dad was on board this ship as they passed through the storm (that’s how I got this footage but it was not shot by him). As they left the storm the damage to the ship was hard to miss. The starboard side cat walk on the bow was heavily damaged and the safety netting ripped clear off. I do not own this film, it was shot in 2008 ish and i received this film from my Dad shortly after his return home. ( the USS Kitty Hawk is now retired from active service).”