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One of the things I do, which may be unusual is provide perspective from a libertarian-leaning conservative who is also a racial minority.   One of my principles is that  constitutional rights and individual liberty are universal rights for all American citizens.  Why does it often seem that minority conservatives remember the lynch mob?  Why does it often seem that minority conservatives strongly support Western Civilization and the Rule of Law?

No Due Process

People keep erroneously comparing the charges against Judge Moore to what is happening in Hollywood. That is a false comparison for many reasons. The most important difference is that most of these men and woman, many who are homosexual in Hollywood who have been actually having sex with underage boys and girls are publicly admitting to their sins and crimes.  Judge Roy Moore maintains his innocence. Another significant difference is that the behavior in Hollywood may have started some time ago, but has continued up until recently.  Judge Moore is accused of impropriety 40 years ago.

Judge Moore is not accused of having sex with any underage girls. He is accused of making advances to teenage girls 40 years ago. Did this happen in some form? The Lord only knows, this is why we have trials and juries! What exactly happened 40 years ago is hard for anyone to remember.  That is why we have a statue of limitations.  If half the women I “dated” when in my 20’s walked up to me I would struggle to remember most of them. And making a pass? In my 20’s I tried to get under the skirt of everything that moved and had a vagina.  Do you even remember what a normal healthy American man is? Again remember, Judge Moore is not being accused of having sex with any of them nor is he accused of trying to date teenage girls in the last four decades.  We get older, we get married, we calm down.

And just for your edification the age of consent in Georgia is 16. Consent is when the people of Georgia feel a woman can make her own decisions if she wants to date or marry, independent of her parents. It is 15 in Mexico.

We who believe in Western Civilization believe in something due process. If I say you called me “nigger” 40 years ago, how are you supposed to defend yourself from such a charge? We know that the globalist progressives will do anything to take and maintain power.

If we allow simple accusations to mean you are unqualified for public office, that attack is simply going to be more common. Why do so-called Republicans accept that men or women are supposed to lose everything based solely on a public accusation?   No trial, no jury, no evidence, no chance to challenge your witnesses.  Just the howls of the mob (progressive media). Do you not remember the Duke Lacrosse case?  Do you not remember when Rolling Stones falsely attack a fraternity?

Post Modernists are trying to move us back to the Salem witch trials, where accusations were guilt. In Hollywood, the left is annihilating each other because they do not believe in the Western Civilization including the theory of due process. All postmodernist societies descend into the slaughter of the intelligentsia eventually. I encourage people on the Right not to fall for this new 21st-century form of the Reign of Terror.  [Bard Note:  In the video above the action really gets going around minute 3:00]

Liberal Playbook

The left has been savaging the honor of those they disagree with for a very long time.  They have simply gotten better at it.  This is one reason good men and women do not like to run for political office. They defend Bill Clinton still to this day, they are silent on Senator Bob Menendez who is accused of paying for prostitution who are under the age of consent.

The four women who accused Judge Roy Moore one, the woman who claims she was 14 Leigh Corfman in 1979 said he touched her over her bra and clothes. Um, that is impossible to prove and could mean anything. Leigh Corfman does not sound like the most stable person with three divorces and three bankruptcy filings. Her own mother 71-year-old Nancy Wells is reported as saying “that the Washington Post ‘convinced’ her to file this story.”

I do not think of what is happening in Hollywood when I think of what the Washington Post and its globalist progressive are trying to do to Judge Moore I think of what they tried to do to Clarence Thomas. They come up with accusations at the last moment that are nearly impossible to defend against. And they try to derail a Christian conservative from power. Think of all the cases, gun rights, right to life, liberty to practice your religion we could have lost if a more liberal Supreme Court Judge would have been seated instead of Justice Thomas.

Deborah Wesson Gibson who claims to have “briefly” dated Roy Moore when she was 17, and he was 34 has worked for several Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Senator Patrick Murphy (D-FLA), and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FLA).

Dixie is not the Mountain West, but we both have a strong streak of anti-federalists sentiment. [Bard Note: BTW, we are not anti-government, we are anti-federal government.] The South will never become strong again if Christians in the South fall for the liberal playbook of professionally and socially lynching people they do not like  based on accusations. If you let them do to Judge Roy Moore what they did to Clearance Thomas, they will just do it every time. The establishment Republicans are an embarrassment. They show how far they have sunk into The Swamp. They do not stand for principles when it is uncomfortable.  Will Judge Roy Moore survive this?  I do not know,  it doesn’t look good.  But I will tell you the men and women of Georgia have such a mighty fight on their hands, and it will impact patriots all over the country.

And if the Republican establishment in the Senate refuses to “seat” or try to overcome the will of Georgia citizens and expel a patriot supported Senator who has not been convicted of anything, no due process, no trial, no jury no proof? Well. Georgia will not stand alone. We leave this decision up to the citizens of Georgia.