I am in the big city for a major medical procedure for my wife. Everything is going well so far, but it is an incredibly complicated procedure fraught with risks. We are blessed to live in a Western Nation with such advanced medicine. Western Civilization’s advances in medicine and technology feel miraculous. Still, our resources are not infinite.

Being in the big city again reminds you of how privileged we are to live a hard Christian identity in a small rural town in a deep red state. In the big city, the security guards are everywhere, the distrust in everyone’s eyes. I mean walking into the hospital you see three security guards before you see a receptionist. All the ground floor bathrooms are locked, I assume due to the homeless and transient issues. I watched a man picking lice off his body for about 30 minutes on the sidewalk outside a restaurant I was eating at. People just walked around him like he was not there.

The night lights of the big city have an allure. Some people, especially the young seem to love the constant activity, the hustle, and bustle.  Yet the stink of urine everyone brings you back to normal. No one knows each other, and all manner of people are squashed together. Even though we have not lived “out in the country” for very long, I was kinda of shocked how the big city felt so alien.

First Baptist Church in Seattle

And the homosexual images all over the place. I mean everywhere you go, homosexual flags, and pictures of homosexuals in ads are everywhere. Starbucks is covered in homosexual flags; city sidewalks are permanently painted with their endorsement of homosexuality, churches with homosexual images on the front door. I think people who “promote,” homosexuality think of this, as promoting a positive view of the homosexual lifestyle.  To me, it feels like third-rate authoritarian regimes who like to hang “the ruling party’s” symbology everywhere as a sign of how they have conquered and dominated an area. It comes off as hostile, foreign and sophomoric.

I think for many of us Red State Americans visiting the Big City is like visiting another country.