I like to start my talks or infrequent podcast with “I am here to tell you the truth.” What I mean by that is I have come to realize that the battle is between those who seek logic and objective truth, and those that suggest there is no actual truth. We often point out the flaws of liberal journalists trying to covering conservative causes and organizations. When some do a better job, we simply must acknowledge the truth. There has been some coverage of the American Redoubt.

As most of you know Buzzfeed a major left wing media company with 11 overseas editions did a lengthy article titled Wackadoodles, Establishment Hacks, And The Big, Ugly, Local Battle For The Heart Of The GOP trying to understand the Republican Party in a small North Idaho town. The author, Anne Helen Petersen a committed liberal I believe did her best to try to understand conservative politics, but like a friend says explaining conservative causes to a liberal is like explaining fire to a fish. You can hear her liberal basis leak through with lines like “… one of thousands of ex–LAPD officers, doomsday preppers, “traditionalist” Catholics, and far-right evangelicals who’ve flocked to the white, conservative utopia of North Idaho over the last 20 years.” Thousands of LAPD? Not sure about that. Doomsday preppers? Everyone I know hated that show, and most people refused to cooperate with the show’s producers. Please provide any evidence for numerous “doomsday” preppers. Far-right evangelicals? Please define “far-right.” However notice that she didn’t try to use the old and tired “homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, racists, blah” lines. As I say, I try to speak the truth as I see it. In this article I think she could have done a lot worse.

As I shared, I had a recent talk with a smaller group of Republicans at the Post Falls Panhandle Pachyderm club. A couple of press people showed up. After that, there was an article by Ralph Bartholdt a Staff Writer of the Coeur d’Alene / Post Falls Press, a major paper in the largest city in the Idaho panhandle on myself and the Redoubt titled From Projects to Paradise. It was in large part highly accurate and “straight” journalism. For example, he quoted me as saying “Speaking to a group of about 30 at Templin’s Resort, Barron said his following also had been accused of having racist ties, something he denied. “Although I was a fan of Malcolm X…” What I said was a little different.

What I said is they always try to make us out to be racists (white supremacist). That is not true unless you consider that I am a fan of the life of Malcolm X who was a black supremacist for most of his life. It was a bit of a snarky point. Malcolm X was a black racial supremacist who lived a large part of his adult life promoting Black Nationalism or that blacks should have their separate ethnostate. Precisely what the alt-right or White Nationalists encourage today.

However, Malcolm eventually grew out of it saying “I, for one, will join in with anyone — I don’t care what color you are — as long as you want to change this miserable condition that exists on this earth.” After splitting from the Nation of Islam and renouncing racial identity politics, the racist Nation of Islam had him murdered while the FBI / Deep State looked the other way. Malcolm X’s life is worthy of study, not because of his work in racial identity politics, but that he eventually found his way clear of it. To this audience, it is nothing new, but to get an accurate description in the local paper is a bit surprising.

The despicable and evil SPLC run by Richard Cohen who more and more mainstream journalists are finally understanding are far-left, slanderous and irresponsible progressive grey organization wrote a recent article about the Redoubt. Jeryl Bier from the Wall Street Journal wrote an excellent article titled The Insidious Influence of the SPLC on 21JUN2017 (paywall) about how the SPLC is wrong and even liberals should use disclaimers before quoting them. And PBS On the Media not exactly the “far right” asked some hard-hitting questions to the SPLC including “You got burned when you included Ben Carson, for example, and there are other names on the [SPLC Hate Map] list who may be politically conservative but certainly don’t seem to represent anything close to violent extremism.” The SPLC and Richard Cohen which proudly states “…I don’t make any apologies about being partisan” are at it again.

The SPLC recent article by the Intelligence Report Staff is partially on the American Redoubt titled Splitting the Difference for their 2017 Intelligence Report 2017 Fall Issue published 08AUG2017 was of course mostly wrong. The SPLC reported that “Rawles’ vision is to demographically strengthen an already traditional, prayerful base as a bastion of conservatism able to withstand a perceived onslaught from liberals and an overreaching government.” That is true for the most part, although there is no “perceived” about it. Progressives, anti-Christian fanatics, militant homosexuals and globalists (like the SPLC) all influenced by the post-modernist anti-Western  theory [Bard Note: Richard Cohen attended Columbia University a hot bed of post modernist theory]  constantly make war upon practicing conservative Christian and “flyover” Red State America.

In the SPLC article, they quote JWR and then quote Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers as representing the American Redoubt.  For example the SPLC says “But long before Oath Keepers took up the anti-Muslim cause, it was arming to fight the government. And it’s this incendiary antigovernment ideology that emanates from the American Redoubt’s thought leaders, even as some may feel a reprieve under the Trump Administration.”  As if there is any connection between the leadership of the Oath Keepers, thee III% organizations or any other organization and the “thought leaders” of the American Redoubt political movement. The imply since Stewart Rhodes lives in the American Redoubt, he somehow is a “thought leader” of the American Redoubt.  You know what, I assume some people from the far left Resist Idaho moved here also, are they somehow “thought leaders” of the American Redoubt movement?  The SPLC is a fraudulent politically partisan organization that simply smears people and groups it does not like.

It is bizarre because the SPLC piece starts by making a fairly valid point that now that President Trump and Republicans are in power you hear more concern about an overreaching federal government and trying to create and strengthen self-sufficient communities coming from groups that are on the left of the political spectrum. The SPLC says “The concept of states’ rights in particular — whether the Southern strain born out of opposition to Reconstruction or that of far-right libertarian and paleoconservative reactionaries — is now being echoed by members of the Democratic Party, who months ago appeared content with inheriting a strong federal government whose powers they now oppose.” As normal the SPLC never covers any groups from the left. Remember they are proudly “partisan.”  Thus the disclaimer that the SPLC hate list is from a rabidly partisan organization that only tracks organizations they disagree with on the right.

The last piece is Ben Olson at the Sandpoint Reader. I was surprised that his first three articles on the American Redoubt movement were somewhat accurate. The first was a relatively well-written piece titled The American Redoubt Series: Preparedness and Self-Reliance on 16NOV2017 by Bill Harp accurately described the history of the American Redoubt. It is my opinion that it went into preparedness too much, and spent too little time talking about how the AR movement started.

Remember the American Redoubt is a political migration movement started by a guy big in the prepper community. As JJS says we want people who are going to move here and get out into their local community and take up the responsibility for keeping Idaho conservative and expanding Liberty under Christ.  Specifically JJS said “[W]e strongly promote and encourage God-fearing patriots to become self-reliant, not preppers where you just check out. We do not need preppers moving to the American Redoubt who will not get engaged in the fight for liberty.” But I guess Bill’s focus on prepping is to be expected since Bill identifies as a “sane prepper” and is very passionate about destigmatizing the idea of preparation and self-reliance. Bill did a great job.

The second piece titled Profiles of the Redoubt: Beth Baumann on 16NOV2017 is just one single person’s opinion who has been associated with the movement for a reasonably short time. That is fine as far as it goes. Beth who writes for Townhall suggested “…one of the most intriguing parts of the Redoubt movement to Baumann is the fact that it is a ‘leaderless’ movement.” Many of you are snickering at that.

However remembered when a washed up liberal journalist Chris Carlson suggested that the fathers of the American Redoubt were white supremacists? Specifically, he said “The forefathers of the American Redoubters used to embrace racism. Now Rawles says racism ignores reason. They say they welcome all, and that there’s no discrimination against minorities. But that’s easy to say when you have few minorities.” Apparently, he had not met me, or others. Many of you have met me. And we all laughed at his expense. He, the SPLC and other liberal journalist have no idea who is married to who, who has adopted what children.  They merely make these 100% false statements with 100% no knowledge.

The third piece written by the Sandpoint Reader titled The American Redoubt Series: The Redoubt, as told by founding voice James Wesley, Rawles by Lyndsie Kiebert on 22NOV2017 is also pretty accurate. As James Rawles declined to be interviewed by the Sandpoint Reader this article pulls heavily from Survival Blog dot com.  But again it is reasonably straightforward.

I try to speak the truth as I see it. Thus I am forced to acknowledge that the first three articles about the American Redoubt from the liberal Sandpoint Reader have been relatively accurate. I may need to reevaluate if I will answer any of their questions.