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In a video published on 22NOV2017, the video YouTube personality Rebecca (last name not given) that goes by the pen name Blonde in the Belly of the Beast shared a video titled The Perils of Civic Nationalism where she appears to disagree with Jordan Peterson a intellectual that I follow closely.  In this controversial video, she suggested it was dangerous to think of Civic Nationalism, or as I understand her words the concept of the melting pot and “we can all be Americans” as dangerous. I thought to write this article in response to her video.

Blonde in  the Belly of the Beast doesn’t like Jordan Peterson Tweet

For those who don’t know Blonde in the Belly of the Beast may be considered a person who “sympathizes” white nationalist aka Alt-right or at least identity politics. She has publicly stated that in reality, she doesn’t know where she fits.  She is very proud of her European heritage and wants to protect and promote European identity. In today’s twisted system that automatically makes her a racist. In truth it suggest she may be sympathetic to identity politics.  She appears to be conservative, anti-feminist, but she appears to believe that culture primarily comes from her European race. She has over 80,000 subscribers on YouTube and is one of the young voices in the Right Wing sphere.

I am paraphrasing.  In her video she was talking about a person that said to her he looks forward to when racism will cease to be a problem when we all interbreed enough that we are one, new American race. When talking about this conversation she continued “It was not self-loathing, it was just apathy which I somehow found worse. I have only heard white people say this, never once in my life heard a minority say they want future generations to blend into society. They want to totally mix in out their race.”

I am a minority. Check.
I want future generations to have the freedom to blend into society. Check

Now a little on my background. I am ok with ethnically diverse people. But I also do not believe “multiculturalism” or maintaining multiple separate cultures in America will help heal society wounds. I especially oppose mass immigration, and actually, think an argument could be made to cut off all immigration for several decades as we try to assimilate those already here. I advocate for Judo-Christian values, individual liberty under a single strong culture based on classic Western Civilization.  I believe in language, culture and borders and know that America has a culture, and that culture is primarily based upon European norms with a melting pot of other cultures.   Under my worldview, I absolutely support the freedom of people to have children with whom they want.

Why advocate for something that has already happened?

Let me be apparently the “first” minority that says to you the future ethnicity of my ethnic community can be whatever individuals in that community choose it to be. There are nearly no “pure” sub-Saharan Africans in America who are descendant of those Africans American enslaved some 160 years ago. Obviously, I do not include new  sub-Saharan African immigrants. The vast majority of “historic” Americans of African descent carry ancestry from outside their self-identified ethnicity of sub-Saharan African. The average African-American is nearly a quarter European, and almost 4% of European Americans carry African ancestry. I don’t see that as a good or bad thing. It simply is.

In one article published primarily using 23andMe date titled The Genetic Ancestry of African Americans, Latinos, and European Americans across the United States suggests that most Americans of African descent are already heavily mixed with Europeans. “You see all of those different ancestries in each of these groups,” Bryc explains. The average African-American genome, for example, is 73.2% African, 24% European, and 0.8% Native American…” Latinos, meanwhile, carries an average of 18% Native American ancestry, 65.1% European ancestry (mostly from the Iberian Peninsula), and 6.2% African ancestry.

“The Iberians are believed to have been originally an African race, who thousands of years ago spread themselves through Spain over Western Europe. Their remains are found in the barrows, or burying places, in sundry parts of these countries. The skulls are of low prognathous type. They came to Ireland and mixed with the natives of the South and West, who themselves are supposed to have been of low type and descendants of savages of the Stone Age, who, in consequence of isolation from the rest of the world, had never been out-competed in the healthy struggle of life, and thus made way, according to the laws of nature, for superior races.”

Perhaps another astonishing fact that you may not be aware of is that “a whopping 35 percent of all African-American men descend from a white male ancestor who fathered a mulatto child sometime in the slavery era, most probably from rape or coerced sexuality.” 1/3 of all Blacks in America you see today can trace their male line back to Europe. Thus in a way, sub-Saharan Africans have already been “mixed out” or “blended” into an American culture / race.

The research does suggest that a tiny amount of “white” people have mixed African blood. From what I understand about 3% to 4% of people who consider themselves full European have between (on average) 0.5% to 5% African ancestry.  In truth Whites are “…blend into society…” an American society  150 years ago it was only white people of German (Saxony) who moved to England (Anglo) background and were not-Catholic (Protestant) or WASP who were considered the true inheritors of America.  Not the Irish, Spanish or Portuguese “white Negros” or the ungovernable central and Eastern Europeans.

How did Americans WASP treat Italians?  Wow, they were not considered the inheritors of America.  For heaven’s sake Benjamin Franklin considered full blooded  Aryans “Stupid, Swarthy Germans.” Benjamin Franklin defined “White People” as follows; “…And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth.”  Franklin was not the only White Identitarian who described White People as WASP only.  Hitler had specific plans to eliminate the Jews, Gypsy and “reduce the population of the “slavs” which comes from the Latin word for slave race.  This program of control of the slav population was called Untermensch which translate into “under man” or “subhuman.”   I accept the NAZIS were inconsistent in the implementation of their policy dealing with the Untermensch

My point is that this concept of “pan whiteness” is fairly new to the European identitarian thought pattern and only because American whites have been “mixed out” and “blended” into a pan white people.  Whites in America on average have a much more diverse genetic makeup than people born in specific European countries.  Yet now the new alt-right want to suggest that “pan-European” identity is the collective solution without addressing how they were wrong in the past.  Really what the alt-right and other white nationalist or separatist organizations advocate for are whites not to have children with anyone who is not sufficiently European.

Being “mixed out” or “blended” into the American race / culture is not something that most Americans of African descent or so-called Hispanic “advocate” for because for us, being extremely mixed is already a reality.  I do believe in a strong society that people should be strongly encouraged to assimilate and integrate into one culture. And yes intermarry is one outcome of a “healthy” single culture but ethnically diverse society. Social scientists rely on four primary benchmarks to assess immigrant assimilation: socioeconomic status, geographic distribution, second language attainment, and intermarriage.

Your assertion that no “minority” advocates for seeing their race “mixed out” of existence are mostly false. In reality both Americans of African and Americans of Hispanic descent in the New World have already been “mixed” beyond recognition to the ancestors of the Old World. Latinos are a new racial group made of of primarily Native Americans and Europeans from the Iberian peninsula. Americans of African descent are very different from their sub-Saharan ancestors with a significant addition of European blood.  And this trend is only growing.  27% of Asians are marrying people of different races. 10% of White people are marrying “out” of their European race. I don’t see that as a good or bad thing. It simply is.

Minority of Minorities

Also Blonde in the Belly of the Beast says she has seen many “Minorities groups rejecting their Americanism in favor of their ethnic group. They were presenting America as racist and hostile against them.”  I don’t think the majority of minorities reject “their Americanism” as they actually don’t know of any other language or culture except America.  If you are suggesting “Americanism” is actually traditional and conservative American society, I can understand where you are coming from.  While I will say the Democratic Party, progressives and globalist have been successful on trapping the vast majorities of blacks and Hispanics on plantation of inner-city poverty and progressive politics, that is not all.

One example of people putting their politics ahead of their racial group is evidence that 30% of Americans of African descent are in the middle class or higher. According to exist surveys 13% of Black Men and 30% of Hispanics voted for Trump.   There are 56.6 million Hispanics in the US with 11.2 million voters.  That may suggest .30 * 11.2 million or  3,360,000 Hispanic voters put “their political views above their ethnicity” and did not vote for who they were told too. There are 46.8 million Americans of African descent in the USA and 16.9 million casts votes in 2016.  If 50% are men that is  .50 * 16.9 =  8,450,000 black men.  If 13% voted for trump that is .13 * 8,450,000 or 1,098,500 black men put their “political views” ahead of who they were told to vote for.  If the Latino and Black minorities that voted for Trump were more than 5 million that is larger than the entire nation of Ireland.  That is not an insignificant number of people.

A 2009 Pew poll reported that about 32 percent of black Americans self-described themselves as conservative.  My point is simply that I believe there are significant minority of American ethnic minorities who have assimilated well enough to reject liberal progressive group-think.  Where are they?  Living their life, minding their business, paying their mortgage and staying as far away as possible from “identity politics” as possible I would assume.

Green Marines

I think our perspectives may be different because of very different backgrounds.  I came up through the military when I was young.  You appear to have come up through the post-modernist dominated University system.   I can understand how the Soros gang trying to “promote” what he calls “Open Societies” which in truth are post-Christian, post-modernists, boarder-less societies can produce a response such as yours.  But when you suggest that minorities do not put Americanism above their own identity these claims ring hallow.

On the first night in Navy boot camp we had an all out brawl between the gangs out of Chicago. The punishment was severe, which as men we need.  The point.  You are all Uncle Sam’s sailors now, and the man next you could save your life.  Yes, in the American military men stood in front of Marines (very close friends of mine, but it was basically the same deal in the US Navy) and said, you are not Black Marines, you are not White Marines, you are Green Marines.   I am not the only minority or white veteran who values our past experience as brothers in arms.   There are millions of us, and the overwhelming number of veterans would accept most other veteran as their “cultural brother” today.

Now you know one minority who holds the view that people should be free to have children with whom they want, and that is not a bad thing.

The overwhelming number of people, white, minorities, and the rest spend very, very little time thinking about politics, race or making any overt decision based upon race. In my experience Black Lives Matters or the alt-right and these other racial identity groups we online politically active people soak ourselves in actually do not represent how most people live.

I have lived in an ethnically diverse social circle for most of my life. And I can tell you from many years on this planet the very concept of race comes up not that often in normal people’s lives, black or white. In my opinion, it came up a lot less previously. But still. People go to work; they become friends with whom they want. The hang out with people they want. They have children with who they want. A Pew Study by Wendy Wang found that 87% of Americans feel that interracial marriage is either a good thing or made no difference.  The same study shows that a third (35%) of adults say they have an immediate family member or close relative who is married to someone of a different race.

Why were their fewer black-white marriages in America previously? Because yes there was this white societal supremacy that said if you have “one ounce” of black blood that makes you black. And there was a robust Black Nationalism that grew out of the post-modernist late 60’s. However, an additional reason is that simply people didn’t hang out together. Now that they do, there are more racially mixed marriages and kids.

It has been my experience that if you can find people of various ethnic backgrounds, who are reasonably equally educated, and make somewhat the same money and have what I would call a “traditional” culture you will find you have things in common.  It is my strong opinion that those who believe that race is the primary variable in a person’s character are wrong.  Don’t let the post-modernist college environment and online Troll-verse fool you into thinking it is reality.