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Tommy Ahlquist is a open borders liberal running as a conservative Republican to try and win the Idaho Governors race in 2018. The Idaho gubernatorial general election will happen on 06NOV2018. However, as the Cook Political and Rothenberg Political Report as well as the Sabato’s Crystal Ball shows everyone expects deep read Idaho to vote in a Republican governor. Idaho is currently a Republican trifecta State. Thus a much more competitive political race will be the Idaho Republican primary which will happen on 15MAY2018.  This will decide who represents the Republicans in the general election.

We have covered Tommy Boy several times here on the CCS. We covered Democrats attempting to recruit Tommy Boy to run in their gun-grabbing, pro-abortion Party.  Why would they do that?  We covered Tommy’s Boy’s recent “affiliation” or registering as a Republican in Idaho. We covered Tommy Boy’s Tommy Ahlquist’s campaign manager David Johnston describing conservatives as tea-bagging nut jobs. We have covered Tommy Boy bringing in NeverTrump Mitt Romney to push his campaign in more liberal South East Idaho. We also covered Tommy Boy’s child-like response to citizen journalism by banning me from his Twitter feed. I have also been amused that far-left “Resist Idaho” has endorsed Tommy Boy as the best candidate for liberal, globalist progressives.

There has not been a lot of public polling in the Idaho Governor’s race. One is a Magellan Strategies poll that took place 11-12OCT2017 and had a sample size of 714 which showed Raul in the lead at 37%, Brad Little at 23% and Tommy Ahlquist bringing up the rear at 21%.

Wikipedia Article honestly document that Tommy did not support President Trump

Anyway we have noticed that Tommy Boy is not only banning conservative citizen journalist from his Twitter feed, but he is also trying to manipulate his online public history to better fool Idaho conservatives. While many people have some issues with President Donald Trump and the simple fact is that initially most of us in Idaho voted for Ted Cruz when push came to shove a lot of Republican leaders “circled the wagons” and voted for their Party’s nominee to deny the White House to Hillary Clinton. Tommy Boy did not.

Tommy Boy is trying to remove his history of not supporting President Donald Trump. I have noticed that he is removing information from his public Wikipedia page. Specifically, he has removed, multiple times the fact that he did not support President Trump. It appears that he considers it “not relevant.” We believe it is very relevant. Why is Tommy Boy now trying to hide his past opposition to the President Trump?

After Tommy tries to hide his NeverTrump status on Wikipedia

Please see the attached screenshots of Tommy Boy modifying his Wikipedia page.  If you computer skills we may benefit from you watching Tommy’s Wikipedia page so we can participate in a revert war with his campaign trying to remove his Never Trump history.  Also, I have re-hosted Tommy Ahlquist’s video where he declares he is not supporting the Republican nominee for President to an audience of laughing liberals and Democrats. I re-posted the video here so that Google does not remove it. We all need to do this more as Google is “burning books” it does not like by deleting conservative videos and history that makes Muslims’ or globalist look bad.

The account used to make the edits “H McCringleberry” because being a Never Trumper is “irrelevant”

If you are Wikipedia knowledgeable, please ensure this information is put back on his Wikipedia page (revert war). Also feel free to link to the video here so that we know that the truth is not “destroyed” by liberal, globalist YouTube. Why would Idaho want such a thin-skinned progressive who tries to hide his public history as governor of our State?

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