A video is busy burning up the INTERNET. A couple of you have sent me a request for comment. My response? It is very hard to listen too, but most likely the most important music video created this year, or perhaps in a very long time. What music do you know that has everyone from neo-NAZIs to inner-city blacks talking about the same video?

I like many have moved away from modern rap / hip-hop music.  Too much of it is “I am rich, and I sleep with a lot of women who have low morals.”  Ok, got it, but is that it? In my opinion this song is actually in the pedigree of when urban ultra-violent music came out to introduce America to the hell that was happening in the inner-city. This video does something similar but opposite. Let “white guys” speak entirely from the heart to black Americans in a way they can understand?  It is saying something significant in perhaps the only way many people could hear it.  Unlike CNN and the other mass media who claims “…it’s uncomfortable viewing. Profanities prevail; misconceptions fly.”  I see so many black YouTube stars saying “…I don’t want to agree with him (the white guy) but …”  I agree with these YouTube personalities.  I can’t say any of what they said is “all false.”  You see if one guy has “misconceptions” then the other guy has them too. Everything they said “has some truth in it.”

Then it lets black guys speak on it and speaks the truth.  Wow. Who did that? Obama, Trump, NAACP punk progressive professors?  No.  Because you have to let people speak.  Truthfully.  If blacks could understand what the white guy said, we could end up somewhere better.  Black guy has some good points too.  “Why you going to protest my protest?”  “I love you but hate you at the same time.”  Wow.  Never thought of it that way.

It was created by a rap artist Joyner Lucas, published on 28NOV2017. It is gathering more than 1 million views daily. It is blowing up Twitter, and YouTube. All the kids are talking about it. Unless the post-modernist communists try to take it down, it will gather a lot more. It has a lot of cussing. Nearly every other word is a cuss word so do not listen if that bothers you.  Close the door if you are at work.  *** Cussing Warning ***

Harsh, in your face, and no one cares that you don’t like it.  I can see nothing “untrue” about it.  Just brutal truth. This is what Eminem could have made, but he is washed up now.  I think many of us have understood the black guy’s point. I do think it is important to listen. Unlike our blogs, this video is going to be played in a lot of clubs and has a fascinating message. If it makes just a couple of people think, then it was worth it.  Remember I warned you this video is extremely brutally true.  Don’t complain to me that I did not warn you, watch it if you want.  This is what a “conversation about race” looks like.  This is what freedom of speech sounds like.

BTW, this is music by Joyner Lucas and both people in the video are lip-syncing it, yet having a white guy even lip sync it is causing people to be shocked, think and talk.
Great message, delivered in one of the most jarring ways. Important for everyone to hear. Even me. I have included the link, and I have also uploaded the original so that YouTube will not burn this video book like they burn conservative videos all the time.

Joyner Lucas