Will Judge Moore win in tomorrow’s election? I don’t know. The polls seem to suggest he has a small lead, but there are a lot of conservatives who have still not accepted the fact that the progressive globalist, secular left is at war with traditional Christians. They want our way of life either eliminated or significantly suppressed. In this battle like in all contests the men who are sometimes used by the Lord Christ are broken. They are often broken. I read one of the most excellent explanations in an article recently, I forgot where. It said, “there is always an underside to politicians as men are made from bent timber.” Isn’t that the Lord’s honest truth!

Yet in this case we have many accusations of attempting to date teenage girls 40 years ago. No hard evidence, not even a charge in court like in the case of Democratic President Bill Clinton. And all of these accusations wait for 38 years until one month before a critical Senate election. Yeah right they think Christian conservatives are simpletons, but we are not rubes.

But if enough conservatives at the last minute buy the stories the liberal press are spinning he could lose.  And all of us will have our Individual Liberties threaten.  It is up to the the Lord Christ and the people of Alabama.

However one of the things I believe this race highlights (again) is how utterly different we are. When Ben Olson of the liberal and progressive SandPoint Reader asked me for an interview, I said I would answer his questions about the Redoubt in writing but only if he printed my full answers. He did in an article titled The American Redoubt, as told by Alex Barron, ‘The Bard of the American Redoubt.’ In that article, I explained to his readership that it is my opinion that progressive America and Red State America are simply different people. And we are not going anywhere and we are not going to change. This entire Judge Moore incident has shown that starkly.

“I propose that we Americans have compromised all we want to in many areas. For example, we absolutely believe that life starts at conception and that individual “humans in development” should be protected from unjust violence. When a woman is making a choice, there is more than one human life that hangs in the balance. These principles define who we are. To “compromise” on this position would mean the destruction of our unique cultural identity.

This holds for so many of the issues that now separate us; such as the role of government, the role of Christianity, objective reality, immigration, fundamental freedoms such as freedom of speech or the right to have and carry the arms necessary to protect ourselves from the state. Many of these questions are moral in nature, which have civic implications. We know what divides us, and neither side really can give up our firmly held moral beliefs without surrendering our unique cultural identity.”

Roy Moore’s accuser Beverly Young Nelson who had a yearbook has admitted to  “doctoring” the yearbook.  The left says “she just added a date, time and location.”  The rest of us know she claimed all of it came from Roy Moore during the press conference with progressive SJW attorney Gloria Allred.  Now part of it she admits she added.  She still “claims” the rest is Roy Moore’s writing, which he denies. The celebrity lawyer for Gloria Allred has allegedly called Judge Roy Moore to try and settle his slander suite.  He has smartly refused. He should go after his pound of flesh.

Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore stands with Steve Bannon during a campaign event at Oak Hollow Farm on December 5, 2017 in Fairhope, Alabama. Mr. Moore is facing off against Democrat Doug Jones in next week’s special election for the U.S. Senate.

The facts are that liberals and progressives want us to live in a world where accusations can cause people to lose their careers or in other ways be forced to defend themselves in the basis liberal press. They want to drag us back to the Salem witch trials era where an accusation is equal to guilt. We who believe in classic Western Civilization must stand on the point that people are innocent until proven guilty. Do you remember that phrase? It seems so long ago now. That all people deserve their  day in court.

We cannot depend upon the progressive liberal press or globalist Republicans to lead the public lynch mob. In their communist inspired post-modernist ways there is murder and rampage that always follows socialists’ success. And politics is no different than any other field. It does not matter if I “believe” the women. It does not matter how many women “step forward” and “accuse” this or that man (or woman) of anything. It matters what is proven in a Court of Law, where the accused has rights. And one of his most important rights is to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

One of the Republican hacks named Frank Luntz was doing a “focus group” for Vice News (who is liberal but does offer straight news sometimes) where he was asking I assume a randomly selected group of Christian conservatives in Alabama if they planned on voting for Judge Roy Moore. All of them said “yes.” Even all the women. Every one of them. Frank Luntz seemed “surprised” that conservatives will support Roy Moore over a liberal, progressive globalist democrat.  It was like Frank Luntz could not understand it.  And he is suppose to be one of the smart guys. This lack of even understanding by Establishment Republican hacks shows how deep the divide is in America. That Luntz focus group made some good points.

40 years ago when Roy Moore was “accused” of hitting on a 14-year-old girl the age of consent in Alabama was 13 or 14. The “age of consent” is where it is legal for a person to choose to get married or have sex without their parent’s permission.   Thus when the liberal globalist Republican establishment and their liberal allies in the press come running to Dixie to say hey 40 years ago a 30-year-old man may have said would you like to go out to some 14-year-old girl it doesn’t shock many people.  In Dixie.  My mother, not my grandmother, my mother was married to my 26-year old stepfather when she was 14 in 1956.  “Back then” it was not uncommon.

Thus I think it is shocking from a progressives viewpoint that people who are deeply Christians can accept that 40 years ago men would consider marrying (and you have to talk to them first) girls as young as 14. I have heard Roy Moore say something when he explains these stories that is also appears to be misunderstood. He says “I always asked for their mother’s permission.” This is something progressives also do not understand. There is great honor in approaching the family, especially the mother to ask for the right to “talk” seriously to their daughter. Great respect. However, I don’t think the progressive globalists understand this traditional way of thinking.

It is so strange to me that progressive Democrats can happily support an openly, unrepentant homosexual Governor of Oregon Kate Brown, and can’t see how any traditional Christians can have a moral issue with this. The same progressives can’t understand why Christians would accept an “allegedly” flawed man who “supposedly” dated teenage girls 40 years ago. Think on this. Do you know the age of consent in Mexico? It is 15. And many, many girls are married at 15 or at least pregnant before the age of 21. Do you hear the homosexual, transgender supporting progressive media say anything negative about that? No.

These same homosexual, transgender supporting, anti-Christian secular bigots, globalist progressives want us to “believe” the accusers and hurt a man based upon mere accusations. They want Republicans who they think are simpletons to allow a pro-abortion, anti-gun, anti-Christian, secular bigot to be elected because of allegations?

Well, patriots and conservatives in Alabama you will be in our prayers.