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There are two very popular people Tara McCarthy and Lauren Southern who have been associated with the alt-right that are basically in a public social media meltdown. The incident is both a warning and a demonstration. It is a warning to all liberty/patriot groups to keep White Nationalists and any other racial so-called “identitarians” out of your ranks.

Because we no longer live in same culture and are beginning to speak separate languages I will define the terms I am using.   Definition: Identitarian are primarily European White Nationalists.  It is a demonstration that patriot and liberty groups focus on a single unifying culture based upon orthodox Christianity, classic Western Civilization and Individual Liberty is far superior to a solution based upon strictly or primarily racial or ethnic nationality.  Definition: White nationalism a cultural and / or political belief that calls for a separate nation reserved for those of ethnic “white” identity.  *** Warning there are swear words in some of the content I used to document this situation. ***


MEME making fun of hard 14 / 88 white supremacist Andrew Anglin founder of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer because he brags about sleeping with Asians young girls

Unlike left-wing progressives who come off as gitty over the alt-right community savaging some of their own popular female voices (Salon, TYT, HuffPost) we will not “pile on” to this horrid but revealing episode.  I expect the progressive media to be completely unprincipled, thus generally ignore them in this article.  I will call out the racists right though. Definition Racism is a broad term for asserting behavioral or cultural differences based solely or primarily on race or ethnic origins; it can be by any group against any other group.  One being the hard white supremacist 14 / 88 blog the  Daily Stormer run by Andrew Anglin.  Andrew is a “proud neo-NAZI” who somehow loves to say how “superior” Asian women are over women of European descent.  Huh?  He proudly sleeps with young Asian girls, yet savages Lauren “Southern” for her freedom to sleep with who she wants.  We have long predicted on this blog that the White Nationals (alt-right) and other racists organizations will fail.



Progressives are ok with women they dislike being publicly savaged by trolling men. We just saw the left wing progressives cyber bully 23-year old August Ames a porn star into committing suicide because she said she may be “fallen” but she refused to work with homosexuals. Progressives are ok with certain ethnic groups having racial identity movements like the Latino organization The Race (La Raza) associated M.E.Ch.A and American Communist supported Black Lives Matter (BLM).    But alt-left progressives don’t like it when Europeans do the same thing.  Again these women are receiving a massive amount of hate, and while the progressives sit on the sideline while people they do not like are bullied, I will not.  I find the entire episode tragic and pray these women find some strength to think through this.

The alt-right a definition. The alt-right was initially invented by White Nationalists to try to “re-brand” their movement separating it from legacy White Nationalist often called “boomers.”  However, they pretty much abandoned the alt-right term after a certain amount of time and it had nearly no pubic traction. The term “alt-right” was picked up by a grab bag of younger, Internet-savvy conservatives who dislike established Republican / conservative political approach and political correctness. However there always remained a remnant of White Nationalists in the movement, but they were not the primary mover and shakers.

Eventually, the “hard” 14 / 88 White Nationalists reasserted themselves and forcibly said that the alt-right was a White Nationalist movement. When the vast majority of people understood this they just stop associating with a White Nationalist movement.  Some of the major voices who stop associating include such people as Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich.  Those people are floating around, most are still active, but they do not have a unifying name to referrer to themselves.  I have see this “ex-alt-right” group called alt-light, alt-west an older term palo-conservative and a new term the New Right.

Lauren Southern. Lauren Southern, a 22-year-old Canadian citizen, has never claimed to be a spokeswoman for the alt-right. However, like me, she talks a lot about Western Civilization, individual liberty and specifically the dangers of mass immigration and radical Islam. Unlike me, she also talks positively about Identity politics and suggests that racially and ethnically homogeneous societies are better in many ways. She has many fans who self-identify as White Nationalists or White Separatist (alt-right). Lauren Southern is an excellent example of the former “larger” alt-right movement. Lauren was formerly a conservative libertarian in Canada who was utterly disgusted with how the larger “conservative” acted and treated people like her.

It was recently leaked online that apparently Lauren Southern previously dated bi-racial black guys (mulattos). Her alt-right fan base went berserk. All of their comments that they do not believe the white race to be any better or worse than any other race are kinda hollow as they call Lauren Southern a “mudshark,” a race-mixing whore and say she likes to “burn the coal.”   Even for me who have studied the racists movements for decades some of these terms are new to me. I have included some screenshots of the social media comments that Lauren Southern is receiving from the self-identified White Nationalist (alt-right).  This is so you can understand who the alt-right is from their mouths. It may not be everyone in the White Nationalist movement, but you need to be willing to sit around a table with people who hold these views or explain why you do not. I am not.

Allegedly an old Tweet by Lauren Southern has also revealed that she has Jewish ancestry.  You have to be careful about this because both the White Nationalists (alt-right) and  New Right are really good at using the Internet and social media.  However it is being reported that her legal last name is allegedly Simonsen, a Jewish surname and allegedly her grandparents had to flee the NAZIs or the white nationalists of their time.  This has caused the White Nationalist (alt-right) to amp up their attacks on her to something I have not seen recently. One of the things the White Identity movement suffers from is the “Jewish Question.” This is the concept that they believe all or at least most of their ills can be laid at the feet of the Jewish people.  Like blacks believe that all or at least most of their ills can be laid at the feet of “the white man.”  White Nationalists believe that there are secret Jewish cabals that run everything. For example, Lauren Southern / Simonsen success can be explained because someone in her family tree was Jewish and thus “the Jews” have been helping her out all along.

Andrew Anglin of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer blog talking about the White Nationalist approach to Jews

Tara McCarthy. Tara McCarthy is different from Lauren Southern / Simonsen.  Unlike Lauren Tara is a self-identified proud White Nationalist, who seriously promotes an “all-white” ethnic State for Europeans as the solution to our political and cultural problems. She calls herself a (white) ethno-nationalist.  On Twitter, she went on a rant because she like many women in the alt-right gets constantly trolled by others. People in the White Nationalist, of course, called her a snowflake and attacked her even more. She threatens to leave the White Nationalist (alt-right) movement because she was getting nothing but attacked by her own White Nationalist “fans.”


She deleted the tweet but I screen found the screen capture.  Then Tara McCarthy did a video show where people were able to ask her any questions. She got into her ancestry and admitted that her great-grandmother was ½ Jewish and ½ Christian.   Her great-grandfather was from India, but that is ok because you know some White Nationalist (alt-right) consider them Caucasians.   Yes, you heard that right, a popular spokeswomen in the anti-Semitic White Nationalist movement (Jews will not replace us!) is admitting to having Jewish ancestry. I am not a white nationalist, but anyone who has studied racial identity politics understands that Jews follow the Matrilineality or matrilineal Jewish descent theory. This ancient oral tradition of the Jewish people holds the view that people born of a Jewish mother are themselves Jewish. It is like these young White Nationalists have not even read their own literature.


Tara McCarthy has said her great-grandfather was Jewish and died in a NAZI concentration camp. Her grandmother was ½ Jewish still making her 100% Semitic. Her mother was born of a Jewish grandmother and would be considered a Jew. I asked my orthodox Jewish buddy, and he confirmed that Tara McCarthy could immigrate to the State of Israel as a Jewish person under their Right of Return. Orthodox Judaism follows matrimonial descent. Orthodox Judaism holds that anyone with a Jewish mother also has irrevocable Jewish status; in other words, even if someone with a Jewish mother converts to another religion, that person is still considered Jewish by Jewish Law. The Israeli Law of Return since 1970 applies to those born Jews (having a Jewish mother or maternal grandmother), those with Jewish ancestry (having a Jewish father or grandfather) and converts to Judaism.  Tara you have a very solid claim to being Jewish.  BTW, Tara if you marry a “white man” or I guess more properly a Anglo man, per the Jewish faith and your White Nationalists fan club all of your children and their children can be considered Jewish or Semitic.

Tara McCarthy, the popular spokeswoman for the anti-semitic White Nationalist movement has Jewish ancestry herself.  Tara McCarthy deleted the video where she explains this, and then removed her entire YouTube channel and made her entire Twitter feed “private” so people cannot interact with her, and has not put out any content in more than a week. I found the original video and re-posted it above.

People who self-identify with the White Nationalist (alt-right) movement are going berserk that two of their most popular young female voices have Jewish ancestry and one has no issue dating “black” people. I suggest these two women read (or re-read) the Turner Diaries or remind themselves what “White Nationalist” do to “race-mixing” women or people of Jewish ancestry.   I really hope this can be a moment for reflection and decision not only for Lauren and Tara, but for anyone attracted to the White Nationalist (alt-right) movement. These two women and many others have some interesting decisions to make shortly. It will be fascinating to see what they decide to do.