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Winter is finally here. So I took off my Kubota LA534 Front Loader and put on my Land Pride STB1072 Trip snow Blade. I took a few pictures of moving snow around. Hope you like them.

I decided to go with a snow blade instead of a snow blower. I did some research and the Land Pride is well respected company. I am so glad I got a “trip” blade. I didn’t even know what this was until I saw it in action. What the Trip Blade does is if you are going along and “snag” something, the blade is built with springs and actually “trips” forward, so you don’t damage the blade or the tractor. Very, very nice for a new tractor owner. Also love the Quick Attach attachments for us new comers. One thing to note the snow blade makes the tractor very long. Think of this when you are deciding how deep to the tractor’s parking location will be.

One thing that is a minor but important issue is that to run the BH77 backhoe with the RCK60 mid-mount mower, you must “stow” it and remove the lower two arms on the three-point hitch. Thus if you want to do some light digging, you need to do some work under the tractor.

I need to get this data for a friend of mine and have let it slip through the cracks. I need to figure out the total weight of my tractor, so I can figure out what size trailer I need so that we can be on the lookout for a used trailer. The tractor is very helpful, but I need to get it around the local area to help out neighbors and such, and I do not want to drive it for any distance.  Thus I went and got the manuals and did a little light reading. I invested in some lights on the tractor.  After living up here for awhile I noticed that the sun sets fairly early and raises a bit late in the winter.  Thus it is often night after you get home from work, or when you need to plow the drive way before you can get out for work.

1. Kubota B3350 weight 2,447 lbs
2. Kubota rotary mid-mount mower RCK60-30BA weight 463 lbs
3. Kubota Backhoe BH77 weight 850 lbs
4. Kubota Front Loader LA534 weight 474 lbs

Total weight of tractor with my attachments is 2447 + 463 + 850 + 474 = 4,234 pounds or nearly two tons.

The total length of the B3350 is 114.2”. The length of the BH77 Backhoe “swing pivot to rear axle centerline is 38.4”. Thus the estimated length I need the tractor if I plan on “swinging” the backhoe arm “over” the tailgate is 114.2 + 38.4 = 152.6. I will give it a little room to have other stuff lose in it. Thus 152.6 *1.20 = 183.12” or 15.26 feet.

Thus I am looking for a used trailer that can support over 4,500 pounds and is over 16 feet long so I can move the tractor with the backhoe and front loader or the tractor and the Land Pride blade.  Obviously I need to take actual measurements and then check them before I buy the trailer.  I need to take an initial look around for trailers.

I have to say I was very pleased with myself clearing snow this year. Last year our driveway looked wrecked as my son, and I was fighting the snow manually and then with a small push snow blower. This year our driveway is the best cleaned on our block.  If you are going to spend some money when you move up here, buying a really good tractor is not the worse thing.