Senator Paul and Congressman Labrador say they will not vote for the budget unless there can be small changes made in the ungodly and unconstitutional Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) law Section 702. This FISA law allows the FBI, police departments and most other law enforcement agencies to captures your web reading (like this blog), Internet searches, emails, text messages and phone calls. And store them indefinitely. Then the government then allows searches through this without a warrant.  No probable cause. They then use parallel construction to open up an investigation on you. It is very immoral. It is unconstitutional. And globalist Democrats and authoritarian Republicans both love it.

This FISA law is one of the tools that has been used to attempt to destroy President Trump, but he seems not to understand that. The entire FISA should be canceled. It is ungodly and unconstitutional. What Senator Paul and Congressman Labrador have asked is very, very minor change. They have proposed the Surveillance State can keep this program for terrorist investigation but must have a warrant to search it for US citizens.

The Republican Party includes a large contingent of libertarians and others who are suspicious of government overreach. The neocons and authoritarian Republicans love to give whatever the security forces want. This FISA fight is something those who value the Bill of Rights and privacy should expand the maximum amount to defeat. Call, email or respond via social media in support of Senator Paul and Congressman Labrador in this fight for our freedom from government surveillance.