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We have covered Luke Malek before in the post Luke Malek the RINO that help bring Obamacare to Idaho.  Unfortunately for conservative libertarians Luke Malek won reelection.  Mr. Malek is now trying to move up the political ladder by becoming one of only two Idaho federal congressmen.  Luke Malek is a anti-gun, anti-medical marijuana, union supported, big government authoritarian Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. House to represent the 1st Congressional District of Idaho.  Previously Luke was in the Idaho State House.

With all of that being said some Republicans are supporting Luke Malek. Last quarter, Luke Malek  campaign raised more than any of the other candidates in the race for Congress including conservative favorite Russ Fulcher.  Luke has said “In the state legislature, Luke has a record of being a conservative who can get things done. He’s been fighting for less government, less spending…”  The fact is that Luke Malek has done exactly the opposite.  Each fact is documented with references for you to follow for further reading.

Luke Malek Facts:

Luke Malek voted for the Obamacare state exchange and was the Governor Otter and Lt Governor Brad Little point person (Freshmen 16) on making Idaho the first Republican controlled State to embrace Obamacare.

Luke Malek is anti-Second Amendment.  Luke Malek told an interviewer from “Point of Personal Privilege Podcast” that he would be open to …some forms of gun control.  For example he could support banning “bump stocks” which everyone knows is just a way to impose more gun control.  The Federalist reports that the “bump stock” ban would ban all semi-automatic rifles.  The NRA reports that the “bump stock” ban bill would also ban muskets.  I am serious it would band muzzle loaders.  In the past Luke Malek refused to return the pro-gun survey from Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.
Luke Malek refused to co-sponsor Rep. Christy Zito‘s Stand-Your-Ground/Castle Doctrine bill.  Luke Malek refused to co-sponsor Rep. Karey Hanks‘s “Constitutional Carry Expansion” bill.  And now he wants the support of gun owners in Idaho.

Luke Malek was an attorney working for Heritage Health at the time he made his pro-Obamacare votes and Heritage received a 6 figure grant from the State as a result of Idaho adopting the Obamacare State exchange. During the debate Malek acknowledged he had a conflict of interest but voted enrich himself and his employer anyway.

Luke Malek voted for a $94M tax increase on fuel and auto registration. (H312 April 10, 2015)

Luke Malek has an F (43%) from the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) 2017 Index rating.  This is lower than extremely liberal Shawn Keough and lower than many Idaho Democrats.

Luke Malek voted Nay with only nine other Republicans to limit civil asset forfeiture in Idaho.  Civil Asset forfeiture is where the police state can seize your property without charging you with a crime and you have to hire a lawyer to get it back.   Civil Asset forfeiture is opposed by nearly everyone from extremely liberal to extremely conservative including American Civil Liberties Union, the Idaho Freedom Foundation and the Institute for Justice.  Luke Malek wants no limit to governmental highway robbery.

Luke Malek voted to grow the size of government by increasing the salaries of some state employees (Gov, Lt. Gov and Secretary of State) S1395 Mar. 20 2014

Luke Malek opposes medical marijuana because he knows it is bad.  Specifically Luke Malek said to Boise Weekly about medical marijuana “Having been a prosecutor, I know what a farce medical marijuana is. This campaign to legalize medical marijuana is a predatory campaign by the drug cartels.”  Luke Malek and Jeff Sessions knows best what grass you should grow and smoke.

Luke Malek voted for the state to recognize homosexual marriage (House Bill 425 Jan. 25, 2016)

Luke Malek voted to allow foreign globalist court judgements to be domestically enforced in Idaho without appeal (House Bill 1 May 18, 2015)

Luke Malek voted against repealing the grocery tax.

Luke Malek was one of only two Idaho Republicans and 52 Democrats endorsed by the globalist progressive AFL-CIO in 2014.

Luke Malek wrote on Twitter (Aug 2015) that Donald Trump “…can go straight to hell.”

Luke Malek was quoted in the Spokesman Review (Oct 10 2016) “I have never supported him (Donald Trump), and never will.”

Luke Malek is in favor of Obama’s DACA Act regarding illegal aliens and thinks it should be the law

47:04 – “We need good policy set in law by congress to protect this policy [DACA]”

47:45 – “For childhood arrivals it is important to have a path and I think the policy that is used for that determination [Obama’s DACA] is great.”

48:15 – “A solution could be taking those criteria that are out there that are currently in the Deferred Action program and putting it into statute.”

If there was ever a politician that opposes nearly everything conservative, Christian libertarians (liberty) folks want to get done that politician would look a lot like Luke Malek.  Do you support Obamacare? Do you support more gun control?  Do you support Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine and Constitutional Carry?  Do you oppose politicians making money off their position?  Do you oppose higher taxes? Do you support civil asset forfeiture laws?  Do you support the federal government deciding if you can grow your own medicine?  Do you support homosexual marriage? Do you support foreign law being applied in the US without local appeal?  Do you support President Trump?  In each of these Luke Malek has been against you.  Now he wants your support.