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The CCS podcast focuses on news and commentary that is of interest to libertarian-leaning political conservatives who are modern day neo-anti-federalist i.e. patriots. I cover this commentary from a traditional Catholic perspective. We focus a lot of our coverage on the American Redoubt political migration movement which encourages conservatives to move to deep red states.  One way to support and promote Traditional Catholicism, classical Western Civilization and individual Liberty is through self-sufficiency and conservative political migration.  I also cover personal stories of our family’s journey from the suburbs to a more rural self-sufficient lifestyle. You can advertise on the blog and podcast. Here are our rates and details.  Contact me below with any questions.

We call it the Charles Carroll Society in honor of the Charles Carroll of Carrollton of Maryland September 19, 1737 – November 14, 1832.  Charles Carroll was the only Roman Catholic to sign the American Declaration of Independence.  Both my ancestor Dick Barron and Charles Carroll were alive in 1810.  What a journey.   Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said of Mr. Charles Carroll “He may be a papist but he is a good patriot.

I describe myself as the Bard of the American Redoubt to suggest a wayward vagabond carousing through clubs, bars and churches spreading the word that we live in uncertain times in a nation that is increasingly hostile to our conservative culture and Christian faith and asking the question, “So what are you going to do about it?”  I wanted to share the many ways you can listen to the Charles Carroll Society podcast.

You can listen to the podcast right here on the site. Listening to the podcast through our website requires no software or special application. Just come to the site and hit play. Please remember the CCS site is reachable through Tor. Thus the podcast is also available through the best anonymizer system widely available. Download the Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) and visit this site to listen as anonymously as possible.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes now called Apple Podcasts. Per my analysis over 80% of those who listen to podcast use iTunes and Apple devices. We carry a five star rating on iTunes, so thank you. Several people have rated the podcast including apparently religious! Need to clean up my language a bit. I always think that God can see you more clearly when you near a priest or nun.

If you are on Android, another option to listen to the CCS podcast is Stitcher Radio. Stitcher servers up live stations and podcast. So you can “stitch” together with your favorite shows including our Charles Carroll Society podcast.


The podcast is also am hosted on PowerPress Blubrry. RawVoice, Blubrry’s parent company, is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB.net), which comprises more than 650 media and technology companies that sell, deliver and optimize digital advertising or marketing campaigns. Blubrry has an extensive selection of podcasts. It also supported on Roku and Boxee.


Do you own an Amazon Echo or other Alexa enabled device? Well, you can listen to the Charles Carroll Society on that device using TuneIn. TuneIn is also available in certain new cars (Ford, Chevy, and Tesla).



I have also recently created a CCS YouTube channel which re-host the podcast.  I am considering starting a weekly show, but it is yet another serious commitment of time and resources.  Let me know what you think in the comment form below.  For now you can find the audio only podcast republished on the CCS YouTube channel, ensure you subscribe.

The intro and exit bumper music on the podcast is “No Knock Raid” by Toronto-based musician Lindy. No Knock Raid was published by Reason.TV and given away freely.  The song tells the tragic and tyrannical story of the military use of force by American police departments often in the war on drugs.  In a so-called no knock raid, the police are allowed to rush into an American’s home with out announcing themselves, i.e. “no knock.”  Often American citizens in their own homes automatically defend themselves often with weapons and are shot dead by our overly aggressive police forces.  The Supreme Court has said this tactic is “constitutional.”  Both congressional Democrats and Republicans have backed it.

I use Audacity to create my podcast, which is a great free piece of software. I currently use the Blue Yeti microphone to record audio.

Please rate and subscribe to the podcast using your favorite application.  In this way I understand which platforms are important to you.  You may contact me below.