I am a huge fan of Jordon Peterson and his work. I mentioned him before when he tricked me into reading the horrible book called The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It is a book every person who is in the fight for liberty should read. It shows how authoritarian progressive, economic and social Marxism spiraled out of control in the Soviet Union. Hey, you are a hater and if you need to go live in some other place so we can all live in our safe space, then so be it.

Anyway, one of the insults that have been hurled at Dr. Peterson this one by crabby feminist Tabatha Southey is the he is “…the stupid man’s smart person.” What the little hateful feminist (sorry, I repeat myself) is trying to say is that Dr. Peterson is a smart guy, and he has the knack to be able to communicate with people who don’t have his level of IQ. So what? She means it as a slur, but like everything the post-modern neo-Marxist say, just accept it and wear it as a badge of honor, the neo-Marxist’s new form of Yellow Star.

Anyway, Jordon Peterson is not the only “stupid man’s smart person.” That title could go to armchair sociologist Dana McLendon because of a video posted to YouTube by Tactical Response CEO James Yeager.  Dana McLendon is an Alderman, criminal defense attorney and huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment from Franklin, Tennessee.  Today, on Funny Monday I introduce you to one of the funniest and enlightening videos found in the “inner tubes” of the Internet. The Hot Crazy Matrix or everything a young man needs to know about women in one convenient infographic. It is an “old” viral video, but I was at an event this weekend, and a couple of guys had not heard of Dana McLendon’s Hot Crazy Matrix and thus I thought to put it up on the blog.

One female viewer said of the  Hot Crazy Matrix “As much as we wanted to hate it, we have to hand it to McLendon—though his chart pushes all the uncomfortable buttons in the politically incorrect, misogynistic ways you’d expect, it kind of works. As a female viewer, it’s sort of like being a redneck who likes Jeff Foxworthy. And the man has a gift for deadpan delivery.”

If you only remember one thing from the video it should be the “wife zone” is not scaled to size.