Advertising Rates

First please read our advertising page to see what type of vendors we accept.

Our advertisement rates are fairly straight forward.  We offer ads of up to 200 x 200 pixels on the left side of our blog.  No blinking text or animations.   All of the ventures that you advertise must be owned by you.  (No “sub-letting” of ad space is allowed.)

After sending payment, within 10 working days, advertisers must provide “paste ready” electronic graphics images in JPEG or GIF format.  For those who wish to advertise on the podcast, I must have high-quality MP3 audio file no longer than 30 seconds.  Please email me your 200 x 200 pixel graphic and 30 second ad here.

200 x 200 pixel advertisement on blog $30 / month
30 second advertisement in podcast $30 / month

Advertising pre-payment limits: Minimum of six months, and a maximum of 24 months. Rates are subject to change at the end of each contract. These rates will increase as the blog increase so lock in your low-cost rates now.  All advertising payments must be received before ads are run.  Renewals are due on or before contract expiration.

How to Pay for Your Ad

Formal invoices are available via e-mail (in RTF format) or via snail mail.
You can also send pre-payment in U.S. Dollar-denominated instruments via:

U.S. Postal Service Money Order
Bank Money Order
Commercial (“Drug Store”) Money Order
Company Check
Personal Check

I provide a 50% discount on all ad rates for payment in physical silver 1 oz coins (call me for other denominations of silver).  For example for one full year of advertising on both the blog and podcast ($60 / month or $720 / year), we provide that with a 50% discount and so it will cost you $360 in physical 1 Oz silver coins.  Today, US Silver Eagles are at $19.77 and thus 360 / 19.77 would equal 18 US Silver Eagles or silver Canadian Maple Leaf for a full year of advertisement on both the blog and podcast.   Please use the closing price for the day you send in your payment.

Contact me for address to send payment.

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