Charles Carroll Society is a blog and podcast that focuses on supporting and encouraging political migration from unsustainable urban centers to more rural environments such as the American Redoubt with a Catholic twist. The CCS focuses on encouraging all forms of soft secession, new age pioneering, homesteading, Traditional Catholicism and reports on political events. CCS also runs several regular series such as the Patriot Darknet showing others how to avoid ungodly mass surveillance. We are documenting our families move from typical consumerism in the suburbs of a death-spiral deeply indebted state into the wilds of low population density Idaho in a more self-sufficient life-style.  If you are interested in a very focused audience contact me.

Why would you want to advertise with us? The Charles Carroll Society audience is  primarily a group of traditional, libertarian leaning people who value privacy, security and well-made locally produced goods. It is a group of people of the middle and upper middle income level who understand we live in uncertain times and are preparing for mundane and more uncommon emergencies by acquiring skills, goods and services that can help them and their family in bulk.  Many of the audience want to life a more self-sufficient lifestyle and value well-made products and services that make that possible.  Many of our audience are in the process of changing their lifestyles and are more open than normal to new brands.  The CCS audience are looking to spend money and support quality American produce goods especially from the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington and Oregon.  Our audience is very active donating money and time to various local causes that support a conservative libertarian life style.

On our best day we were visited by over 7,000 unique visitors, we receive incoming links from major self-sufficiency blogs such as Survivalblog and Radio Free Redoubt (RFR).  We have achieved first page Google placement (and often first entry) for a number of search terms including American RedoubtCatholic IdahoCatholic Land Movement, Catholic Libertarian Idaho and soft secession.  We also promote your products on our podcast as well as embedded in our social media sharing (Facebook and Twitter). We have a limited number of advertising spots available, and will keep it that way.

Stats for SEP 2015 per Google Analytics

27,494+ Page views
9,500+ Unique visitors (Sessions)

Most popular articles on the CCS.

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Visit to the SSPX community based in Post Falls, Idaho

Brand new NATO 5 gallon Jerry Can by Deutsche Optik

200 x 200 pixel width and height spaces in the left-hand frame of my blog page are available for paid advertising to approved vendors.  Advertisers also can buy 30 second commercial spots on the weekly CCS podcast radio show.

Note: We fully expect all advertisers to sell only top quality products and/or services, to provide timely delivery/service, and to maintain reputable “Golden Rule” business practices. All advertising contracts are subject to termination at The Bard’s discretion at any time for any reason, with of course a full refund for any unused advertising days (pro-rated.) Don’t disappoint me or my blog readers, and I won’t disappoint you!

Disclaimer (per FTC File No. P034520): I accept cash-paid advertising. To the best of my knowledge, as of the date of this updated posting (17APR2015), none of my advertisers that sell the products mentioned on this blog have solicited me or paid me to write any reviews or endorsements, nor have they provided me any free or reduced-price gear in exchange for any reviews or endorsements. I am not a stock holder in any company.

h/t to JWR as always.

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